C. Lee Smith, employee behavior, behavioral analyst, psychometrics, TeamTrait

C. Lee Smith

Workforce Management Strategist

C. Lee Smith is an Axiology Professional Member of the Robert S. Hartman Institute, HVP, Professional Values Analyst, Axiology, Values Assessment
C. Lee Smith is a Certified Motivators Analyst, Employee Motivation, Workforce Analytics, Workforce Consultant
Workplace Behavior Consultant, Behavioral Analyst, Company Culture, Leadership, DISC, Enneagram, Big 5, Psychometric, Assessment Tests, C. Lee Smith
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C. Lee Smith, employee behavior, behavioral analyst, psychometrics, TeamTrait

C. Lee Smith

Workforce Strategist

Lee will enable you to turn high potentials into high performers — and keep them longer.

C. Lee Smith is a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in workforce management and professional mindset. He is also certified in individual motivators and axiology (the study of values and beliefs). With 30 years of leadership and management experience, Lee uses analytics and curiosity to identify how each team member thinks, how they get in their own way, and what points them toward the exits.

Lee will show you how to use these insights to take your team's performance to a higher level every day. He provides workplace behavior consulting to help with your next hire, your current problem and your team's future. Let's talk!

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C. Lee Smith is the creator of The Four Fits™ methodology for hiring, promoting and retaining high-​potentials. The proven framework's Manager Fit helps managers identify potential tensions with direct reports and future candidates so they can navigate them successfully.

TeamTrait, pre-hire assessments, sales assessment tests, psychometrics, behavior, motivation, HVP, toxicity, employee retention, company culture

C. Lee Smith is a Certified Motivators Analyst. He advises team leaders on how to provide the ideal work environments, assignments and feedback loops that tap into intrinsic motivation. He also analyzes what reduces stress on the job and/​or provides impactful recognition.

Hire Smarter, Sell More, sales hiring, sales book, toxic troublemakers, sales rainmakers, toxicity, toxic workplace

C. Lee Smith is the author of the bestseller Hire Smarter, Sell More! He helps HR and sales teams to identify and coach those with the potential to be sales rainmakers. He also advises on how to avoid adding one of the 13 Types of Toxic Salespeople and what to do if you already have.

Lee will help you develop future leaders with hard data and soft skills.

C. Lee Smith is a trusted workforce management strategist, C‑Suite Network Advisor and a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. With 30 years of leadership and management experience, Lee focuses on equipping executive leadership and emerging leaders with the insights and skills needed to enhance decision-​making, improve strategic planning, and build credibility, which significantly elevates your ceiling for success.

Through tailored coaching programs and workforce analytics, Lee helps you identify your unique strengths and potential blind spots — unlocking your ability to better align your teams with organizational goals, build a culture of achievement and drive your company towards sustained success. Let's talk!

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Lee uses his 30+ years  of experience, AI and the latest research in his leadership consulting. He advises leaders on building high-​performing teams,  executive presence and personal branding. Lee is the co-​host of the Manage Smarter show interviewing hundreds of CEOs and consultants.

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Lee's latest research focuses on how the credibility of the CEO and department managers impacts employee motivation and performance. Lee helps build the personal brand of emerging leaders that is critical for success with their teams, key clientele and external company partners.

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Lee is the creator of the TeamTrait™ workforce analytics platform. This diagnostic assessment tool used worldwide by emerging companies in financial services, health care, technology, and other verticals to assess team strengths, identify skill gaps and navigate difficult conversations.

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