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Use better behavioral assessments to build high-​performing teams for builders and contractors.

The average building and contractor company is dealing with a 5.1% job opening rate. In addition, the Associated Builders and Contractors reports that employers in this industry need to hire up to 500,000 workers in 2024. These employers are particularly concerned that younger people have little interest in the jobs that are available.

To combat this trend, employers have invested in building training pipelines with vocational and trades schools. While this strategy may build a bigger applicant pool, not every individual will fit well into the jobs they apply for. With TeamTrait pre-​hire assessments, you can identify the candidates who are best suited to your positions and your company.

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Success for builders and contractors starts with hiring better people.

The wide variety of jobs in this industry means some positions will require the successful candidate to be physically strong and nimble.

For other positions, mechanical aptitude is a must. In addition to the hard skills, you may be searching for individuals who are good team players and who can think on their feet to solve a problem that may delay the completion of a project.

You can learn more about an applicant’s mindset and likely behavior in a working setting by using TeamTrait. The 20-​minute psychometric assessment delivers guidance and data that reduces your risk of hiring the wrong person for the job.

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TeamTrait is the right tool to help you develop and retain your workforce.

Whether your contractor employees specialize in framing or excavating, they know they are in demand in today’s marketplace. You may fear that it’s only a matter of time before you lose them to a competitor that can pay more. In fact, pay is not the only factor to consider when managing and retaining your team member.

With the TeamTrait assessment data, you’ll know which employee should receive more soft skills training in preparation for a broader management role. In addition, personalized training and professional development on key technical skills will increase productivity and loyalty.

TeamTrait guides builder and contractor leaders who must navigate situations involving dissatisfied employees. When employees are unhappy because they do not like their job or want a promotion, supervisors use TeamTrait data to determine which position will be a good fit for their interests and skills.

Use TeamTrait to improve self awareness and reduce drama.

When employees understand their behavioral profiles, they are more likely to feel valued and understood, leading to increased engagement and motivation. TeamTrait can guide leaders in tailoring their motivation strategies to fit the unique drivers of each team member.

TeamTrait provides greater confidence in navigating difficult conversations with situational communication tips based on their employee's unique personality.

TeamTrait's behavioral assessments can identify the roles individuals naturally take on within a team, such as leadership, problem solving or operational support. This knowledge helps in structuring teams with complementary skills and working styles, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

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TeamTrait can reveal skill gaps for your sales representatives.

Whether you employ sales development representatives who are selling construction materials to builders or design consultants who sell contracting services to local homeowners, these professionals must understand the target audience. Your sales professionals must stay current on the latest trends and product updates. They must also be able to discover the unique needs of prospects and determine how your products and services can serve as solutions.

When it comes to your business, TeamTrait can help you hire individuals who not only have the skill to sell, but also the will to sell. Our proprietary test for sales-​related positions will show you a candidate’s strengths when it comes to prospecting for new clients as well as closing deals.

TeamTrait’s world-​class Sales Acumen assessment from SalesFuel reveals the mindset and sales-​related strengths and weakness of each applicant. During the interview, hiring managers can also use behavioral questions based on assessment results. For example, you can specifically address flagged concerns such as their comfort level when presenting technical data regarding new homes, commercial buildings or other projects.

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