Free Report: How to Promote from Within

BY Audrey Strong
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Tips for executing a faster, safer and potentially less costly way to fill open sales positions

Filling open sales positions by recruiting quality talent from outside has always been a challenge, but even more so today. So why not turn your talent search inward – toward those who already believe in your company? After all, when you promote from within, you can address two problems at once: hiring and retention.

Promote From Within — Hiring

It can be challenging and risky to launch a search for an external candidate when a position opens up. As much as you screen and interview candidates, the people you select as your new sales professionals won't always succeed in your organization. But when you promote from within, your chances of success increase. Why? You know the individual. They know your product and your organization, and they are likely delighted that you have committed to a promote from within policy. In this white paper, we examine how you can successfully promote from within, especially when it comes to convincing employees from other departments to join the sales group.

Promote Internally – Retention

We all know that employees are more likely to stay at an organization if they can see a career path. In fact, our research shows that a lack of future opportunities is a key reason sales professionals leave a company. Once employees learn that you regularly promote internally, your team members will focus on doing a great job. But don’t let a lack of imagination hold back your effort to promote internally. In this white paper, we explain how to use psychometric assessments to find the right internal candidates.

The Sales Profession Needs Some Reputation Management

More than one study has revealed that the youngest workers, especially the Gen Zers, aren’t particularly interested in a sales career. They’ve heard too many horror stories about endless cold calls and being given impossible quotas to meet. We’ve got that topic covered in this white paper too. Part of your plan to promote internally means selling the sales profession and your sales department. Your younger employees may be far most interested in transferring into your sales department once they hear about the helping nature of the profession.

This free special report, sponsored by TeamTrait, reveals the tactics necessary to identify and recruit high-​potentials from within, including:

  • 5 Benefits of Promoting from Within to Fill Open Sales Positions based on the latest research
  • How to Recruit Internally
  • Improving your odds of promoting the best person for the job
  • Selling the sales department to highly-​qualified employees in other departments

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