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Win New Commercial and High-​End Residential Real Estate Clients.

Be seen as the most trusted and reliable real estate advisor by demonstrating impeccable credibility.

Around 10% of businesses will be in the market for commercial real estate services this year. This data point is based on responses to our research, the 2023 Voice of the Buyer survey. Buyers will likely start their search online whether they want to buy or lease.

Over 25% of commercial property seekers develop selection criteria in advance. They then finalize a short list of vendor candidates based solely on digital content they find. In addition, 47% have created a short list of the most viable solutions before they reach out to vendors.

High-​end residential buyers expect top-​notch service. And they may insist on privacy as they review available options. You responsiveness and discretion either builds or diminishes your professional credibility.

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If you want to win more new clients and have existing accounts refer you to others, then you need to check out SalesCred® PRO.

How SalesCred PRO can help you transform your real estate client list…

To succeed, your prospects must believe you have experience that is not easily duplicated. Your track record is outstanding. But if buyers don't know your reputation, you'll miss the opportunity to sign them as clients.

You must position yourself as the local market expert in real estate services. Commercial buyers seek knowledge regarding the value of comparable properties. Information regarding zoning laws in the immediate neighborhood is also crucial. High-​end residential buyers need your help to compete and win the property they want most.

How can you become known as the go-​to resource for their real estate needs? You must leverage the secret power of credibility first.

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Make a positive first impression as a well-​known expert.

Because your prospects seek vendors and solutions online, you must stand out in that space. Whether it's on LinkedIn or Google, real estate agents can impress prospects with their local market knowledge.

Have you and your agents posted sufficient online content and properly set up your LinkedIn profiles? You'll know when you use SalesCred PRO's Digital CredCheck™. This tool shows your salespeople their digital score and coaches them on improving it.

For commercial real estate agents, SalesCred PRO’s Daily Dashboard makes it easy to stay top-​of-​mind with your most valuable clients.

Get the fair-​unfair advantage to win the clients you want most.

Each prospect operates in a unique environment. While they will rely on your local market knowledge, you can impress them by touting what you know about their industry.

In your presentation, listing data points about high-​end residential properties or the commercial real estate market matters. Doing so will boost your chances of winning a new client.

SalesCred PRO can help. When your agents access the real-​time pre-​sales research data, they gain an advantage over the competition.

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Keep their trust to earn their referrals.

Real estate agents can expect over 40% of their business to come from previous clients or recommendations made by previous clients. The best agents deliver excellent customer service during their transactions.

To increase repeat business, you should ramp up your service levels. Using SalesCred PRO's AI-​powered CredWriter™, you can regularly update previous clients with information about current market conditions. And you can be confident that your email messages will be properly worded.

Don't gamble — partner with the best company to help you build the reputation you need in the competitive industry. Invest in SalesCred PRO to bring out your best and make it evident to future clients.

Earn the respect and recognition you deserve as one of the most credible real estate services.

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