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Leverage the secret power of credibility for services in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity industry.

In your industry, clients and prospects can’t possibly keep up with changing technology and the latest cyber threats. They need to rely on experts. Placing trust in an IT or cybersecurity services business is a tall order.

Because one mistake can expose their customers to hackers — even worse, the mistake might translate into data being held hostage until a ransom is paid.

To succeed in the cybersecurity and IT industry, you and your sales team must convince potential clients that you are credible experts. Demonstrating expertise can be challenging because each prospect operates in a unique environment.

They need customized advice to develop their necessary connectivity solutions and to protect their operations. Businesses expect IT experts to offer scalable network solutions, reliable DDoS protections, and secure email and web hosting.

There is plenty of opportunity in this rapidly growing industry. Gartner projects that worldwide IT spending will increase 8% in 2024. SalesCred PRO can help you prove you have the right team to deliver the value the buyer is looking for.

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If you want to win more new business and keep existing accounts profitable, then you need to check out SalesCred® PRO.

How to transform your IT business by being a go-​to source of data and solutions:

Our research, the 2023 Voice of the Buyer survey, shows that 38% of businesses will be in the market for IT networking/​cybersecurity providers in the next year. As your new business hunters seek additional clients, they should know that today’s buyers will not award a contract based on a proposal or sales pitch alone.

43% of surveyed buyers stated they want to buy from a company that is a leader in their field. The same percentage also points out that they conduct an online search of vendors and suppliers when they need to find a service provider.

How can your company become known as a leader in the IT and cybersecurity industries? You must leverage the secret power of credibility.

Build Credibility Earn Trust Win Clients.

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Make a positive first impression as a trusted IT and cybersecurity industry leader.

Most buyers check out salespeople online before talking to them, leaving their first impression of you in the hands of LinkedIn, Google, and other platforms where you post your profile. These buyers want an expert who understands and can genuinely assist them.

What they find online about your team members determines whether they will take the next step into the sales funnel. SalesCred PRO’s Digital CredCheck™ shows your salespeople their digital score and coaches them on improving it.

Consistent work to improve online visibility will allow your sales team to act as advisors to key prospects. That first step will lead to increased trust and higher commissions.

Get the fair-​unfair advantage when competing for new accounts.

If you don't know their company, how can they expect you to be able to help their company? Prospects don’t have to tell you about their business. In fact, they will be reticent to share their information because they don’t trust you as a IT and cybersecurity expert.

Your business development team must give information to the prospect that they don’t know. The prospect will perceive your company as a credible partner after that exchange.

When your team uses SalesCred PRO’s real-​time pre-​sales research focusing on the account and their industry, they will gain a considerable advantage.

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Keep their trust to keep their account.

Most IT services businesses lose between 10% and 20% of their clients annually. One way you can avoid that loss is to add value to the services you already offer. You may know the regulatory changes impacting the cybersecurity and IT industry in the coming year.

Do your clients know? Your clients will also appreciate proactive work on your part to assess risk and provide recommended strategies to prevent loss regularly. You can stay on top of these changes by accessing our on-​demand competitive intelligence.

SalesCred PRO powered by SalesFuel guarantees that your efforts translate into profitable outcomes. Earn the respect and recognition you deserve as one of the most credible IT and cybersecurity services businesses.

Contact our strategists to discuss the best approach to optimize your team’s credibility and start winning your prospect's trust faster.

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