CredTalk™ videos are 90-​second, single topic talks on sales credibility with Global Sales Credibility Authority C. Lee Smith. In addition to his own topics, Lee also asks a wide variety of experts about how their subject-​matter knowledge can be used to improve credibility, accelerate trust and build sales results.

Newest CredTalks

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CredTalk: Understanding Your Customer's Buying Decision
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CredTalk: Showing Value to New LinkedIn Connections

C. Lee Smith is the CEO of SalesFuel and author of the Amazon bestselling sales book "SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers." Book Lee as a keynote speaker, facilitator or expert panelist for your next meeting or conference.

Leadership Podcasts

Manage Smarter 244 — Luis Scott: Using Mediation Skills to Manage Your Team
Manage Smarter 243 — Justin Nelson: How Virtual Assistants Can Fill Out Your Team
Manage Smarter 241 — Steve Shenbaum: Gamification for Better Managing
Manage Smarter 240 — Eddie Yoon: Manage Weirder! Category Design and Superconsumers=Unique Insight
Manage Smarter 239 — Andrea Waltz: NO Can Be the Way to Get to a YES!
Manage Smarter 238 — Steve Gielda: IGNITE Your Sales Pipeline
Manage Smarter 237 — Brynne Tillman: How to Master Social Selling
Manage Smarter 233 — Beth Trejo: How to Express Empathy via Digital Platforms
Manage Smarter 226 — Elizabeth Rosenberg: Building a High-​​Impact Personal Brand
Manage Smarter 222 — Jon Morris: Why Your Agency Isn't Growing
Manage Smarter 219 — Maria Victoria Albina: Stress, Anxiety and Burnout
Manage Smarter 218 — Anthony Iannarino: Leading Growth — The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue
Manage Smarter 217 — Darrin Jahnel: Special Teams Cultures
Manage Smarter 216 — David Saltzman: How to Use Storytelling to Win Sales
Manage Smarter 215 — Jeb Blount: Selling in a Crisis

Manage Smarter is the bi-​weekly podcast for sales managers, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders. These episodes feature lively discussions about credibility and trust building for sales managers and executive leadership.

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