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5 Best Ways to Gather Competitive Intelligence in the Sales Environment

Competitive intelligence is an often-​overlooked component to sales success. Check out these tips to up your game.

Top 3 Standards in Building Trust in Financial Services

Embracing these standards of building trust will be rewarding. Financial services agents can effectively champion the interests of their clients and contribute to their long-​term financial success.

construction companies
How to Use Credibility to Boost Sales for Construction Companies

There's an opportunity for construction companies to increase revenue in today’s crowded market. But your construction company may not be taking advantage of it.

3 Tactics to Help You Close the Deal

You can successfully close the deal if you establish trust, build value and cleverly handle objections.

How to Create a Sales Email Template for Winning those Deals

As you set up your sales email template give special attention to conveying your sincerity and credibility. B2B decision-​makers seek a trustworthy expert who knows what they're talking about and knows how to help.

Building Credibility Is The Best Sales Advice

By combining strategies that employ the best sales advice, young salespeople can proactively build credibility in the workplace.

customer relationship management
Customer Relationship Management — Why is it Important in Sales?

Customer relationship management is a hot topic in the sales industry. But sellers may not even understand why customer relationship management (CRM) is important.

What are the Vital Roles of Salespeople in Wealth Management?

Building and maintaining credibility and trust in wealth management require ongoing efforts, ethical conduct and a commitment to client success. Embrace these principles to improve your practice today.

good discovery questions
What Makes Good Discovery Questions?

Do you know what makes good discovery questions? How do you decide which questions to ask during discovery?

discovery call
How to Quickly Get Your Prospect’s Attention During a Discovery Call

A discovery call is a big opportunity to capture a buyer’s interest and uncover if their business is worth pursuing. But keeping busy buyers on the phone is a major challenge. 

Why Trust is One of the Most Successful Traits in Sales

Trust leads among the successful traits of a professional B2B sales career. Yet, it may be revealed only in the perception of the buyer.

Top 5 Traits of a Reliable and Trustworthy Marketing Agency

Fragile marketing agency relationships can be strengthened with clear communication, trust and great client service.

How to Attract More Franchise Opportunities with Credibility

Sellers of franchise opportunities have 23 mandatory requirements, yet credibility and trust may be the most important.

Why Sales Reps Can’t Reach Prospects and What They Can Do About It

The B2B marketplace has changed. Sales reps can’t reach prospects. Our B2B intelligence research explains why and points to the power of additional training to optimize outcomes.

Top 5 Strategies Real Estate Agents Use to Close Sales

Struggling to be recognized in the vast sea of social media, real estate agents may find these strategies can help buoy them to the top.

consultative sales approach
Insider Questions for Game-​​Changing Consultative Sales Approach Results

Questions are a cornerstone of a consultative sales approach. But sellers need to ask the right questions to make their efforts effective.

discovery questions
Why Discovery Questions Have A Big Impact With This Discovery Approach

Have you heard of consensus gathering in sales? It’s a unique perspective on getting valuable information from prospects, and it involves a blend of discovery questions, multithreading and a little bit of strategizing.

How Mastering the Art of Conversation Improves Your Selling Skills

Combine the principles of effective conversation with your selling skills to exchange information and build relationships.

sales discovery questions
3 Unique Sales Discovery Questions From Top Sellers

Do your sales discovery questions need to be refreshed? It might be time to consider at least adding one or two new ones to your process, especially if you’re like the 20% of sellers who say discovery questions are a top challenge. 

How to Ask the Best Discovery Questions for Sales

Fearless and skillful discovery questions for sales release important facts, reveal hidden agendas and will strengthen the bonds between you and your prospect.

Sales Credibility Infographics

Before salespeople can be thought of as 'trusted advisors,' they first must have a high level of sales credibility. Credible salespeople are believed to know what they're talking about, and know how to help solve business problems or achieve goals. They gain greater access to  the top decision-​makers and sensitive business information needed to close deals.

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