Special Report: The American State of Credibility

BY C. Lee Smith
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Findings from the Fall 2020 survey on credibility in the United States

The American State of Credibility - Fall 2020 survey from Credibility Nation, SalesFuel and Behavioral Resource Group

As our nation struggles with the challenges of contentious politics, a pandemic- induced recession, and calls for introspection on issues of social justice, we wondered how U.S. adults perceive their peers, their co-​workers and professionals who help to shape our lives. Our curiosity led us to launch our inaugural American State of Credibility survey.

Has America become more credible or less credible in the past year? What percentage of Americans exhibit credibility in what they say and do? What professions are the most credible — and the most dubious? And how do salespeople stack up?

This special report reveals the findings of this representative survey of 1,055 U.S. adults in September 2020. Results are broken down by gender, race, select age groups, and political party affiliation.

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