Our mission is to provide our clients with the competitive insight that enables them to acquire, develop and retain their best employees and customers.


SalesFuelers strive every day to be smart, kind, trustworthy, hard-​working and forward-​thinking in all we say and do.


There are 10 Guiding Principles we follow in fulfilling this mission.
They represent the fundamental values that define and guide what is important to every team member at SalesFuel.
They are what we stand for, why we exist, what we do every day and represent our commitment for the future.
  1. You don't need big data, you need big insights. Thanks to the internet, customers already know about your product, your company and your salesperson. SalesFuel will continue enabling sales executives to quickly and easily gain a competitive advantage by applying relevant intelligence and the latest technology to the fundamentals of sales, marketing and customer service.
  2. It is better to call the people who count than to count the people you call. Sales is not a numbers game, it's an intelligence game. SalesFuel will continue to empower its clients to spend more of their limited time on accounts that can impact revenue the most — because the only numbers that matter are the ones with a dollar sign in front.
  3. Credibility is key. We cannot be successful without earning and maintaining the trust of everyone we do business with. SalesFuel will continue to make every effort to insure the information we share, as well as the research we provide, is accurate, thorough, timely and relevant.
  4. If it doesn't make dollars (for our clients), it doesn't make sense. Providing exceptional value drives everything we do. SalesFuel will continue to provide the most effective sales tools, training, and intelligence available at rates that will generate a substantial return-​on-​investment for our clients.
  5. Always under-​promise and over-​deliver. Tom Peters, who originally coined this phrase, is right. Disappointing clients is no way to do business. SalesFuel will not overhype a product, make promises we cannot keep nor sell a product before it is ready.
  6. After education, there must be application. It's not enough to just provide top-​notch training. SalesFuel will continue to hire experienced professionals who have walked a mile in our clients' shoes and who can offer real-​world recommendations for maximizing adoption month after month.
  7. Go where the market is going to be. We are futurists who aren't comfortable with "we've always done it that way." SalesFuel will continue to lead the industry in creating cutting-​edge innovations that take advantage of the latest technology. Whenever possible, our research will be focused on the future, rather than looking toward the past.
  8. The golden rule is still good business. SalesFuel will not ask others to accept an arrangement we wouldn't accept if the roles were reversed. We seek clients who share this principle. We will conduct business in a manner than improves the perception of salespeople, advertising/​marketing professionals and media industry vendors.
  9. Loyalty is a two-​way street. SalesFuel will continue making the extra effort to ensure better quality cannot be found elsewhere, so our clients will be comfortable recommending us to others with similar needs. SalesFuel will not arbitrarily raise rates on existing clients or offer the same services to newer clients at lower rates.
  10. There is no finish line. SalesFuel will continue to be responsive to the needs of our clients, rather than the actions of our competitors or anyone's stockholders — especially when it comes to new features or product offerings.

And another thing…

10+1. It's ok to be friendly. People prefer to do business with people they like. SalesFuel will remain true to our roots as a company based in the Midwest — professional, but friendly.