It's always tough to hire salespeople, especially in this post-​pandemic job market. You might be tempted to hire a candidate on the spot based on a strong interview and your gut feeling. Don't do it! This free white paper, sponsored by SalesFuel HIRE, is based on the book Hire Smarter, Sell More! written by our CEO C. Lee Smith. It reveals what the FOUR fits you must satisfy for hiring a salesperson who will boost your team performance with giving you heartburn. 

It’s encouraging to see that managers understand the need for coachability in their reps. But how do you know whether a rep is coachable? They might tell you they are eager for coaching. They might even relay a story that shows evidence of their coachability. Or they might just be telling you what they think you want to hear. This free white paper, sponsored by CoachFeed by SalesFuel, reveals what the most coachable reps have in common and self-​limiting attitudes sales managers need to watch out for.

This white paper identifies the 5 types of Purchase Intent, featuring data from SalesFuel’s annual AudienceSCAN® survey of online shoppers, digital audiences and decision makers in America. These five categories and SalesFuel PRO Tips will help business' marketing and sales teams find new, effective ways redefine target audiences and better predict future purchase behavior.

As our nation struggles with the challenges of contentious politics, a pandemic- induced recession, and calls for introspection on issues of social justice, we wondered how U.S. adults perceive their peers, their co-​workers and professionals who help to shape our lives. Our curiosity led us to launch our inaugural American State of Credibility survey. Has America become more credible or less credible in the past year? What percentage of Americans exhibit credibility in what they say and do? What professions are the most credible — and the most dubious? And how do salespeople stack up?

In his book, “SalesCred,” our CEO C. Lee Smith writes that sales credibility is how the buyer qualifies (or disqualifies) the seller. Credibility is the very thing that determines whether the buyer replies to your email, agrees to take a meeting or decides they want to do business with you. Nowhere is this more evident to the buyer than the amount of effort the salesperson puts into pre-​call intelligence. Download this free ebook to learn what you need to know to be seen as credible by prospects and existing accounts.

Most organizations expect their managers to coach direct reports, with 75 percent expecting it of all managers and 15 percent expecting it of only some managers. Expecting all managers to coach had a significant connection to being a high performing organization. This report provides new findings from the Association of Talent Development sponsored by SalesFuel. This research identified many strategies and practices with statistically significant relationships to organizational effectiveness.

Get a free chapter of the new book SalesCred by International Bestselling business author C. Lee Smith. SalesCred reveals how salespeople build (and lose) credibility with the things you say and do every day. You’ll learn the secrets of building your sales credibility, so you can attract higher-​value accounts, gain greater access to the real decision-​makers, and sell from a position of strength. It also gives you the leverage to avoid dropping your price when budget is hard to come by.

Hire Smarter, Sell More! by SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith is a great guide for sales managers, as well as recruiters, who want to hire smarter and increase their bottom line. And you can download a chapter of Hire Smarter, Sell More! at no charge. This book shows you how to: identify potential hire performers that will elevate the results of your sales team; avoid derailing your efforts by hiring a toxic salespeople that will stir up drama and drag down the productivity of others; and remove unconscious personal hiring bias through the science of behavioral analytics.

In this COVID-​19 Special Report media sales managers share their thought about the current state of media sales. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Many are optimistic about the economic recovery awaiting the country in coming months. And many media salespeople are adapting to the challenge. Don’t let yourself and your sales team be caught unprepared. Learn when and where to look for recovery and growth with the State of Media Sales 2020 Whitepaper.