White Paper: Disruptive Sales Management through Adaptive Sales Coaching

Across the nation, sales man­agers are strug­gling. They strug­gle to keep up with dead­lines, with report­ing, with set­ting and hit­ting goals, and with man­ag­ing and moti­vat­ing their sales teams. There is not enough time. And most def­i­nite­ly, there is no time for sales coach­ing. It’s time to dis­rupt the way we think about man­ag­ing sales forces for­ev­er. It is time for a sea change in sales man­age­ment. And it’s time for adap­tive sales coach­ing.

White Paper: What is Company Culture? And Why is it Important?

Read 4 dif­fer­ent ideas on com­pa­ny cul­ture. Our pan­el of experts come from dif­fer­ent back­grounds and have dif­fer­ing views of cul­ture. How­ev­er, they all agree that cul­ture is impor­tant to a work­place. Let these experts cul­ti­vate – if you will – some thoughts on cul­ture. Down­load this white paper to read what they have to say.

Special Report: The State of TV Media Sales 2018

AdMall’s 8th State of TV Media Sales sur­vey reveals that rev­enue is expect­ed to grow despite chal­lenges. The state of the indus­try is good year over year, but there is a lot of room for improve­ment. 68% of man­agers say their sales team’s results were up in 2017 (vs. 2016), and most sales teams met or exceed­ed their sales goal in 2017 (only 44% came up short). As the media land­scape becomes increas­ing­ly frac­tured and seg­ment­ed, tele­vi­sion media exec­u­tives, TV sales man­agers and sales reps across the nation are fac­ing sim­i­lar obsta­cles. The free down­load­able white paper is chock-full of fas­ci­nat­ing data and infor­ma­tion for the TV media sales indus­try.

Targeting the Five Types of Purchase Intent

This white paper iden­ti­fies the 5 types of Pur­chase Intent, fea­tur­ing data from SalesFuel’s annu­al Audi­enceS­CAN® sur­vey of online shop­pers, dig­i­tal audi­ences and deci­sion mak­ers in Amer­i­ca. These five cat­e­gories and Sales­Fu­el PRO Tips will help busi­ness' mar­ket­ing and sales teams find new, effec­tive ways rede­fine tar­get audi­ences and bet­ter pre­dict future pur­chase behav­ior.

What Your Salespeople Are Afraid to Tell You

She doesn’t seem like he wants to help me out,” a respon­dent said about his man­ag­er in SalesFuel’s 2017 Voice of the Sales Rep study. “He is not around when I need him or he fails to see the impor­tance of an issue I need his help to resolve.” These are direct quotes from two of the 725 sales­peo­ple Sales­Fu­el polled in Jan­u­ary 2017. And it’s what sales rep­re­sen­ta­tives are think­ing, but aren’t telling their man­agers.

The Best Sales Manager I Ever Had

Got a turnover prob­lem at work? Hate your boss or per­haps rec­og­nize you’ve hired a bad manger? What did you fail to rec­og­nize when hir­ing them or how can you devel­op and hone top man­age­ment skills in exist­ing staff? How can your HR depart­ment rec­og­nize true tal­ent in front of them in the inter­view process? And how does hav­ing the right leader equal a boost in sales? All these answers and MORE are found in SalesFuel’s free white paper enti­tled “The Best Sales Man­ag­er I Ever Had.”

Investing in the Sales Process – Coaching and Metrics for Success

Sales team per­for­mance impacts the cor­po­rate bot­tom line. New data-dri­ven sales enable­ment plat­forms assist sales lead­ers with onboard­ing, train­ing & moti­vat­ing sales­peo­ple. They give com­pa­nies con­trol of turnover, so they can delib­er­ate­ly focus on the most pro­duc­tive mem­bers, improv­ing reten­tion. Learn about them in this free white paper from BIA and Sales­Fu­el.