Are They Coachable? Free White Paper for Sales Coaching

Are They Coachable? Sales Coaching White Paper from CoachFeed by SalesFuel

Spend your limited sales coaching time on the reps who are the most coachable

It’s encouraging to see that managers understand the need for coachability in their reps. But how do you know whether a rep is coachable? They might tell you they are eager for sales coaching. They might even relay a story that shows evidence of their coachability. Or they might just be telling you what they think you want to hear.

This free white paper, sponsored by CoachFeed by SalesFuel, shares insight from our CEO's presentation at the Fall 2020 Association for Talent Development's (ATD) SELL Conference. It reveals what the most coachable reps have in common and self-​limiting attitudes sales managers need to watch out for.

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Audrey Strong

Audrey Strong

Vice President of Communications at SalesFuel
Audrey Strong heads all external and internal communications for SalesFuel, including public relations — which she has directed since 2014. Prior to SalesFuel, she founded her own public relations firm and served years as an award-​winning journalist in television news. Audrey earned her degree in broadcast journalism from Ohio University.
Audrey Strong


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Audrey Strong