Manage Smarter 256 — Future-​Proofing HR Strategies with Kathi Enderes

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Kathi Enderes is the Senior Vice President of Research at the Josh Bersin Company. She's here to discuss Systemic HR. It’s a multi-​year study including analysis of HR strategies from over 1,000 companies and 26 million employees, across all industries and geographies. 

Organizations now face complex, ‘post-​industrial age’ challenges, that have HR at the heart of them. These include designing hybrid work approaches; redesigning job roles with AI in mind; and navigating through ongoing huge societal movements relating to inclusion and mental health. 

In this podcast for sales managers and executive leadership, Audrey, Lee and Kathi Enderes discuss:

Systemic HR

Systemic HR is a framework that includes setting an HR and people strategy aligned with business strategy and culture, creating dynamic HR work, and implementing employee-​first HR technology. This approach is 12 times more likely to accomplish high workforce productivity and 7 times more likely to adapt to change.

The Four “R” Framework

One of the biggest mistakes C‑suite executives make is not treating HR as an equal member of the team. HR should be involved in strategic decision-​making processes, as they have a unique understanding of the business and can provide valuable insights.

Leveraging HR at Different Levels

Younger employees often underutilize HR, viewing it as a disciplinary entity rather than a resource for career growth and development. Middle managers tend to use HR for administrative tasks, missing out on the strategic and consultative support HR can provide.

HR's Role in Workforce Planning

HR departments need to work closely with managers and leaders to identify workforce needs, balance resources, and plan for future changes. This includes anticipating problems, assigning the right resources, and using analytics to create business value.

The Role of HR in Reskilling

HR plays a crucial role in reskilling employees, especially in the face of job disruption due to AI and automation. HR departments need to focus on recruiting, retaining, reskilling, and redesigning jobs to ensure employees are operating at the top of their licenses, doing work they are uniquely qualified for.

"The younger generation now actually doesn't want to be a manager. They say, no, I'm not doing this."

Kathi Enderes

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