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High performing sales teams start with high performing sales managers.
In fact, recent studies show 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.

Quick Takes on Leadership+Management

How Professional Development Can Increase Employee Retention

Are you striving to deliver professional development to your team members? If not, you should be.

Top Behavioral Interview Questions You Need to Ask A Candidate

As a manager, your most important job is helping your employees succeed. But employees don’t stay with an organization forever, which means you must be prepared to find new team members.

Leader vs. Manager — What are the Key Differences For Success?

Are you developing both leaders and managers in your organization? A successful company should have team members working effectively in these roles.

Top 5 Tips for Developing Employees' Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills. If your employees don’t have them, they need to get them. Fast. How can a manager improve a team member’s critical thinking skills?

Gerald Leonard, Productivity Intelligence,productivity,time chunking,leadership,project management,salesfuel
Manage Smarter 234 — Gerald Leonard: How to Boost Productivity FAST

Gerald Leonard is CEO of the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute and an author. A professional bassist, Gerald J. Leonard offers a unique approach to accomplishing more in the workplace. In this episode, we discuss: tips for what order to approach tasks to boost productivity; time chunking methodology; analogies of a symphony and conductor to

How to Successfully Avoid Losing Your Best Sales Team Members

The struggle to retain talent is real. The great resignation era may be over, but your competitors are looking to poach top talent. While you may believe your reps are loyal, the truth is that they’ll take an offer from another business for a shockingly small bump in pay.

How to Identify the Best Character Traits During a Job Interview

Hiring managers often fall victim to bias as they review applications and consider how candidates present themselves in an interview. The “similarity attraction” bias, described by Angelica Guttierez, happens when interviewers like candidates who went to the same college they did.

Beth Trejo,Chatterkick,Manage Smarter,Empathy,AI,digital,social media,leadership,salesfuel
Manage Smarter 233 — Beth Trejo: How to Express Empathy via Digital Platforms

Beth Trejo is a trailblazing speaker, CEO, and founder of the global social-​first digital agency, Chatterkick. In this episode, we discuss: The importance of empathy for managers and leaders; digital methods you can use to create empathy with coworkers and reports; how to use of AI to help you craft empathetic messaging in your communications; and

5 Best Practices to Motivate Your Sales Team to Achieve Goals

To succeed as sales professionals, your team members need more from you than a few leads and some basic training. Even your high-​producing reps require encouragement, recognition and rewards because sales magic doesn’t happen all by itself.

How to be a Credible Sales Manager Your Team Trusts

In an ideal world, sales reps trust that their managers have their best interests in mind. And the reps also believe that their manager has the skill and training to guide the team to success.

Stephanie Nivinskus,Manage Smarter,Company Credibility,Sales,SizzleForce Marketing,SalesFuel
Manage Smarter 232 — Stephanie Nivinskus: Fix What Isn't Selling to Scale Your Business

Stephanie Nivinskus is the CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, an agency that helps scaling companies get noticed and attract more clients on a daily basis. In this episode, we discuss: 5 explanations as to why your products or services aren’t selling; how to appeal to buyers on an emotional level; attention-​getting techniques to create FOMO; how company

Performance Coaching — How to Execute it on Your Team Successfully

Businesses are experiencing lower employee turnover in 2023. But that doesn’t mean managers should relax their efforts to retain employees.

Executive Interviews

Gerald Leonard, Productivity Intelligence,productivity,time chunking,leadership,project management,salesfuel
Beth Trejo,Chatterkick,Manage Smarter,Empathy,AI,digital,social media,leadership,salesfuel
Stephanie Nivinskus,Manage Smarter,Company Credibility,Sales,SizzleForce Marketing,SalesFuel
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