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High performing sales teams start with high performing sales managers.
In fact, recent studies show 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.

Solutions for Higher Performing Teams

For more than 30 years, SalesFuel has provided sales managers and emerging leaders with the intelligence to achieve consistent revenue growth.

Quick Takes on Leadership+Management

3 Ways Your Leadership Mindset Can Optimize Team Performance

Have you just taken a new position as a manager? Congratulations.

Innovative Ways to Maximize Productivity For BDRs

For business development (BDR) reps, the pressure to maximize productivity never lets up. In 2024, 39.3% of BDR professionals received a quota increase, reports 6sense research. 

How to Reengineer Your Sales Training Program

Are you wishing that you could clone your top sellers? Most sales managers would like to do that.

Is Your B2B Sales Training Lacking the Most Important Element?

Sales training curriculums must address the new way that B2B buyers make purchases. Reps must online credibility early in the selling cycle.

How to Use Personal Branding in Establishing Company Credibility

Credible personal branding is essential to establishing trust in your company from customers and employees.

3 Successful Ways to Manage Workplace Conflict

One job aspect that continues to challenge most managers is workplace conflict.

How To Improve Internal Communication During Organizational Turmoil

If there’s one kind of organizational event that is likely to create turmoil, it’s news of an impending ownership change. At these times, internal communication matters.

The Power of Employee Engagement for Better Sales

By focusing on what motivates their sales professionals, managers can optimize employee engagement. And they can increase sales as well.

Top 10 Outstanding Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Reps

When hiring sales reps, you know what you want. But do you understand which traits really matter when interviewing candidates for these positions?

How to Build High-​​Performing Teams Without Burning Them Out

Managers understand that high-​performing teams can positively impact the bottom line. Being a member of this kind of team also builds loyalty and motivation.

How to Improve Communication Skills to Help Retain Your Employees

Employees frequently point to managerial problems as the reason for their resignations. It’s easy to be affronted by these accusations, especially if you believe you’ve tried hard.

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