Retain to Gain! How to Keep Your Best Employees

BY C. Lee Smith
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In partnership with Sales and Marketing Management magazine, TeamTrait presents this insightful webinar by C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel and Michael Levy, CEO of WorkProud.

Retaining existing talent is second only to recruiting new talent on the current list of biggest CEO concerns [Fortune/​Deloitte, Fall 2022].

During this webinar, we will explore the latest research on why good employees leave and discuss how you can use data and emotional intelligence to retain your best employees longer.

You will learn how:

  • Direct managers can have a positive impact on retention
  • To “poach-​proof” your team by addressing individual needs, in addition to pay and benefits
  • To have intentional conversations about role awareness and opportunities for internal advancement
  • Workplace behavior impacts team culture and attrition — and what to do about it
  • To inspire employees to feel proud of the work they do and of the company

More than half of the employees at Lee’s company SalesFuel have been with the company 10+ years.

Co-​presenter Michael Levy will share research from the incentive industry on how having a sense of pride about their work and their company has a big impact on reducing turnover.

About C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith is the founder and CEO of SalesFuel®, which provides Research for Revenue Generators™. He is also a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in workplace behavior and workforce analytics. He is the author of the Amazon international bestseller Hire Smarter, Sell More!

About Michael Levy

Michael Levy is the CEO of WorkProud, a leading organization focused on empowering companies to build a positive and engaged workforce. Michael has dedicated his career to fostering workplace cultures that prioritize employee well-​being, recognition, and satisfaction.