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C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith Leading Sales Consultant Selling Power Sales Credibility
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C. Lee Smith is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
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C. Lee Smith

Keynote Speaker
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You can count on Lee to bring insight, energy and audience to your next event.

Whether it be on stage before an audience of hundreds, a virtual keynote with more than 800 viewers or a webinar with 2,100 registrants, C. Lee Smith is a sought-​after keynote speaker for conferences and meetings.

All of Lee's presentations include a mix of wit, research, actionable takeaways and real world examples from his 30 years in sales, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship. He is also frequently requested as an expert panelist and moderator. His most popular presentations are:

SalesCred - The Authoritative Book on Sales Credibility by C. Lee Smith

Lee is recognized by Selling Power magazine as one of the world's Leading Sales Consultants.

Lee is the author of the Amazon international bestseller SalesCred — How Buyers Qualify Sellers. His SalesCred app for Apple iOS and Android devices already has more than 200,000 downloads worldwide.



Lee literally wrote the book on sales credibility. It's what salespeople must have in abundance before they reach trusted advisor status with a new prospect. Lee's presentation shares:

  • how to establish yourself as an authority that attracts your most desired clientele
  • how to improve your digital credibility (how you show up BEFORE you show up)
  • how to deliver value that is relevant to the buyer
  • ways to avoid the little things you say and do that kill credibility with buyers
  • how to adjust your sales process to improve credibility

Target audiences include: salespeople, sales managers, professional services practitioners, entrepreneurs, marketing and executive leadership.

This session can also be delivered as a workshop for company meetings that provides 1‑on‑1 help with digital credibility, sales mindset and writing in an authoritative voice. Inquire about booking Lee!

7 C's of Pre-Call Intelligence for Credible Salespeople | Sales Preparation | Sales Research | Sales Credibility

Lee is the CEO of SalesFuel. His firm provides Research for Revenue Generators™ that attracts, grows and retains your best customers.

His firm is ranked by Selling Power magazine as one of the Top Ten Sales Enablement solution providers.



Pre-​sales intelligence doesn't have to be time-​consuming if you know what you need and where to look. Lee's presentation focuses on the prerequisite research for meaningful conversations and understanding the use case of your product/​service. His presentations include:

  • his latest research on what B2B buyers want and expect from salespeople
  • how to use client research to ask smarter, high impact discovery questions
  • ways to understand the buyer's customers and competitors (not just your own)
  • how to leverage your available sources of sales intelligence (including search and social media)
  • how to use your contact's connections and social media for icebreakers and additional prospecting opportunities

Target audiences include: company leadership, sales management, sales operations, salespeople, business development and sales development, and marketing research. Inquire about booking Lee!



These days, the only thing harder than hiring a good employee is keeping them. Lee's presentation focuses on how to use data and emotional intelligence to retain your best employees longer. His talks include:

  • his latest research on why good employees leave
  • how direct managers can have a positive impact on retention
  • "poach-​proofing" your team by addressing individual needs (in addition to pay and benefits)
  • how to have intentional conversations about role awareness and opportunities for internal advancement
  • how workplace behavior impacts team culture and attrition — and what to do about it

Target audiences include: company leadership, management, HR, recruting, sales management and emerging leaders. Inquire about booking Lee!

TeamTrait Employee Retention Employee Experience Work Environment

Lee is the CEO of SalesFuel. More than half of the employees at SalesFuel have been with the company 10+ years.

Lee is a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in workplace behavior. He is also the co-​host of the Manage Smarter show — ranked as a Top 5 Talent Development podcast by FeedSpot.



It's always disappointing when you think you've hired a high-​potential based on their interviews and job history, only to find out you've actually hired a no-​potential. Lee's presentation focuses on how to use data to mitigate risk and stack the deck in your favor when hiring. His talks include:

  • evaluating the candidate's will vs. skill for excelling in the job
  • determining compatibility with their potential supervisor
  • pairing candidates with their ideal work environment for optimal performance
  • promoting from within and what to watch for when promoting someone to a management position
  • avoiding the pitfalls of hiring for sales and other customer-​facing positions

Target audiences include: company leadership, management, HR, recruting, sales management and emerging leaders. Inquire about booking Lee!

Four Fits from C. Lee Smith TeamTrait behavioral test behavioral analysis behavioral test employment assessment test

With more than 30 years of hiring experience, Lee is the author of the Amazon international bestseller Hire Smarter, Sell More!

Lee is also the creator of the TeamTrait platform for the mitigating risk of hiring, promoting and retaining employees.

The State of Media Sales 2021

A veteran of the media sales and agency business, Lee is the creator of AdMall®. This sales intelligence platform is used by most media sales teams in the U.S. and dozens of advertising/​marketing agencies.

Lee is also the author of the annual State of Media Sales study.



The world of selling advertising and marketing services changes faster than ever. Lee uses the latest revenue projections, category intelligence and consumer data to help you take advantage of what is now and next. Lee's presentation is customized to deliver what's relevant to your audience and can include:

  • revenue projections for local advertising and sales of marketing services
  • developing business from the vertical categories with the highest revenue potential in the months ahead
  • how consumers use online and legacy media in their pre-​purchase research
  • how B2B and Gen Z buyers buy differently — and how to adapt to each
  • making sense of OTT and streaming video trends

Target audiences include: company leadership, agency principals, sales management, business development, media salespeople, small business owners,  and marketing specialists. Inquire about booking Lee!

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"Lee has delivered a content rich presentation to 400 senior sales leaders at the Sales 3.0 conference. Based on audience ratings his presentation ranked in the top 10%.

What made his presentation unique was his science backed approach mixed with memorable stories."

- Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power magazine

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