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In B2B sales, the most successful business relationships rely on trust, and trust is built through honesty, transparency and credibility.

But those three words are easy to fly past. In truth, says C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel and author of SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers, these traits are not given nearly enough attention by most sales teams.

Smith is the cover story for this magazine feature by Sales & Marketing Management focusing on sales credibility.

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Table of Contents

C. Lee Smith Sales Credibility Expert | Author | Speaker | Workplace Behavior Analyst

The New ABC: Always Be Credible

An interview with C. Lee Smith
Cover Story by Paul Nolan
Sales & Marketing Management

Kathy Crosett, SalesFuel, Research, Business Intelligence

What Buyers Want From Sellers

by Kathy Crosett
Vice President of Research

Ron Robbins, Clicta Digital, digital marketing, online advertising, SEO, SEM, PPC

6 Tips to Build a Strong Online Presence

by Ron Robbins
CEO, Clicta Digital

Anthony Iannarino, speaker, sales consultant, one up, author

One-​Up and the Power of Authority

by Anthony Iannarino
Author, International Speaker

Darby Doll, Global Partnerships, SalesFuel, Marketing, PR, Research

5 Ways to Build Credibility in Your Sales Emails

by Darby Doll
Global Partnerships, SalesFuel

Audrey Strong, SalesFuel, Communications, PR, Marketing, Manage Smarter

Delight Your Customer with Exceptional Service Levels

by Audrey Strong
Vice President of Communications

Jeffrey Gitomer, author, speaker, sales consultant, little red book, consultative sales

The Secret to Getting All the Referrals You Could Ever Hope For

by Jeffrey Gitomer
Author, International Speaker
Buy Gitomer

C. Lee Smith Sales Credibility Expert | Author | Speaker | Workplace Behavior Analyst

How Credible Are You?

Take the Quiz
by C. Lee Smith
Global Sales Credibility Authority

This magazine feature also includes tips for:
  • business intelligence
  • marketing Intelligence
  • B2B sales
  • sales communication
  • personal branding
  • building trust
  • sales discovery
  • social selling
  • soft skills
  • sales enablement
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C. Lee Smith and SalesFuel have been recognized as industry leaders by Sales & Marketing Management magazine.