Credibility Building Tool for Business Consulting

Secure new business consulting clients and keep them longer.

Build your credibility by demonstrating your expertise and ability to provide profitable results.

According to our proprietary research, 16% of business owners will reach out to a consulting service this year. They may be searching for guidance on strategy, training, sales development, or production process improvement.

In fact, the U.S. management consulting services market is expected to reach $59 billion in 2024.

They may have been in business for decades and see that a new trend will impact their outcomes going forward. Or these business owners may have set up shop only a few years ago. In any case, they understand that the path to profitable operations requires advice from an expert.

Is your expertise obvious to prospective client looking for help?

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If you want to win more new clients and keep them longer, then you need to check out SalesCred® PRO.

How SalesCred PRO can help you succeed with business consulting clients…

It's not about how much you believe in your credibility. It's about how much your clients and prospects believe in you. SalesCred PRO can enable them to perceive you and your team as people who know what they're talking about and know how to help.

When facing a pressing business problem, 46% of business operators prefer to discuss it with peers, an outside consultant, or an industry expert. If you position yourself as an expert when prospects contemplate who to hire, you will be perceived as someone they should pay attention to and take seriously.

How can your firm become known as the go-​to business consultant they seek? You must leverage the secret power of credibility first.

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Make a positive first impression as the go-​to problem solver.

Like all buyers in the B2B ecosystem, these prospects turn to online resources to begin their due diligence. And they have strong preferences. 24% told us they are reluctant to buy from companies they've never heard of.

Because 44% of the buyers of business consulting firms conduct online research before making their decision, you must be highly visible in that regard.

You will instantly know how your prospect sees you (before they'll see you) when you use SalesCred PRO’s Digital CredCheck™. Your digital score, which is industry-​specific, is one key data point. In addition, SalesCred PRO coaches you on how to improve your score.

Get the fair-​unfair advantage to win high value clients.

Your prospects want to hire a business consultant who will positively impact their operations and bottom line. They won't sign a contract based solely on what you tell them. They want testimonials and evidence of satisfied clients. When you share that information online, your credibility increases.

You can also impress prospects with your industry knowledge. Because your prospects may specialize in a range of verticals, you need access to the latest information in every industry.

That data is available in SalesCred PRO's real-​time pre-​sales tool. These data points may include trends your prospects were unaware of and will position you as an expert.

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Retain their account by being their trusted advisor for major business decisions.

You require a steady revenue stream from your business consulting service. Retaining a customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one. If you open the door to a client with a small project, you have the potential to earn additional business.

To stay current with a client's activities, you can monitor SalesCred PRO's Daily Opportunities Dashboard. After that, it's easy to post comments on their LinkedIn site. Or you can share your own recently produced comment to a client's LinkedIn site when it's relevant to their operations.

Making impact on business consulting prospects also means knowing what to say and how to say it. With SalesCred PRO's AI-​powered CredWriter™ tool, you can customize your phrasing based on your observations of the clientt's personality.

Earn the reputation you deserve as one of the most credible business consulting services.

Contact our strategists to optimize your credibility online, on screen and in person.