The following are active and registered trademarks of Sales Development Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • AdMall® — The Industry Leader for Local Advertising+Digital Media Sales Intelligence.
  • AudienceSCAN® — Local and digital market research for audience optimization, psychographic segmentation and purchase intent.
  • CoachFeed® — Personalized sales microcoaching delivered by Slack or email.
  • SalesFuel® — our company identity.
  • SalesCred® — Books and training programs for greater sales credibility.
  • SalesWire® — Account-​specific sales coaching and pipeline management.
  • Sell Smarter® — our company tagline for nearly two decades.


The following are some of the active trademarks/​service marks used by Sales Development Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Sales Microcoaching™
  • Diagnosis Call — interview-​based advertising needs analysis sales call with comparison to local market benchmarks.
  • Co-​op Processor — co-​op advertising processing, reporting and management system.
  • Digital Audit™ — digital marketing presence and analysis.
  • Digital Opportunity Score™ — lead scoring for digital advertising and marketing services.
  • Customer Finder™ — local benchmarks and diagnostic report for local advertisers/​marketers.
  • State of Media Sales™ — annual study of media company executive managers and sales managers.
  • Small Business Marketing Forecast™ - study of marketing budget plans by small business owners and local advertisers.
  • SalesTeam​.NET — advertising sales staff communications groupware.
  • Digital Media Kit — interactive media buying information website for use by advertisers and agencies.
  • Revenue Rally — on-​site advertising sales consulting
  • Local Account Intelligence Report
  • Major Account Intelligence Report
  • Account Intelligence Report


  • PromoFAX — advertising sales lead service by fax-​on-​demand technology is no longer in use.
  • Ad-​ology — Marketing research for the science of micro-marketing.
  • SalesTouch® — The Smarter CRM for Media Sales.