Follow-Up Email
July 9, 2021

So, you’ve recently pitched to a prospect who has a great need for your product or service. You left the meeting feeling good and sent them an email with next steps. And now you wait. And wait. … and wait. Radio silence. What happened? Should you send a follow-​up email or will that come off as pushy?

sales slump
June 25, 2021

If you’re like most sales reps, this past year and a half hasn’t been too kind to your sales numbers. The competition is fierce. And with consumers not buying anything unless they absolutely need to, sales have been fewer and far between for a while. However, don’t let a sales slump make you give up and just coast along until the economy fully recovers.

Sales Pitch Credibility
January 21, 2021

When was the last time you listened to someone you weren’t fully convinced was a credible source, but took a leap of faith anyway? Yeah. That would never happen, ESPECIALLY not when it comes to your business decisions.




Salespeople are considered to be among the least credible professionals in America — ranked only above members of Congress

2020 American State of Credibility Study

42% of SMB buyers have searched for a salesperson using Google before meeting with them. It's "how customers see you before you see them."

Voice of the Buyer Study, SalesFuel, 2021

Only half of sales reps will even look at the buyer's website before a sales call

Voice of the Sales Rep Study, 2020, SalesFuel

When SMB buyers begin to research a supplier, product or service, 47% start with customer ratings and reviews on social media.

Voice of the Buyer Study, SalesFuel, 2021

When consumers buy a new car/​​truck, 43% choose a dealer where the salespeople deal/​​negotiate fairly

AudienceSCAN 2020, March-​April 2020, SalesFuel

56% of SMB buyers want to do business with reps that "provide relevant ideas to help my business"

Voice of the Buyer Study, 2021, SalesFuel

48% of buyers say reps that "blame other people for mistakes that were likely theirs" is a deal-breaker

Voice of the Buyer Study, SalesFuel, 2021

Only 18% of buyers trust and respect salespeople due to lack of listening, high-​​pressure tactics, and manipulation

DiscoverOrg research, 2017


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