Manage Smarter 233 — Beth Trejo: How to Express Empathy via Digital Platforms

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Today’s guest is Beth Trejo, a trailblazing speaker, CEO, and founder of the global social-​first digital agency, Chatterkick. Featured in USA Today, Yahoo, and Business Insiders as a Top 50 CEO for Women, Beth is a recognized advocate for women in tech.

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In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Beth discuss:

  • The importance of empathy for managers and leaders
  • What digital methods you can use to create empathy with coworkers and reports
  • The use of AI to help you craft empathetic messaging in your communications
  • Social media methods to connect more authentically to those in your company

"There's a whole new way to think about how we connect with our customers and coworkers. It's time to shake off those preconceived notions about opportunities and barriers and reimagine what authentic connection means in today's digital world.”

Beth Trejo

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