For Young Salespeople, Building Credibility Is The Best Sales Advice

BY Tim Londergan
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The dynamics of the U.S. labor market have been changing rapidly over the last three years. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American workforce is becoming older, more diverse and better educated. Yet employers struggle to find new skilled talent even as they invest in modern technologies.

Furthermore, data regarding labor force participation across different industries, finds that professional and business services are suffering the most. If every unemployed person with experience in these fields were hired, only 43% of these jobs would be filled. The jobs exist, but what is the best sales advice to help secure employment in professional and business services?

The Best Sales Advice For Young People Entering A Hypercompetitive Workforce

According to population projections by the U.S. Census Bureau, 4.4 million Americans will reach the age of 65 in 2024. This figure translates to roughly 12,000 people per day reaching Social Security’s minimum retirement age. As experienced workers disappear from the workforce, how can young people prepare to replace these lost skills and expertise?

According to Brandeis University’s Perlmutter Institute, young salespeople may have more resources than they realize to overcome their experience deficit. Likewise, employers must bridge the workforce generational gap by balancing the need for experience with the demand for innovation.

The Perlmutter study suggests young people take specific steps to gain the credibility needed to compete effectively in an experience-​seeking job market. Here are some strategies framing today’s best sales advice:

Hone Your Research Skills and Leverage Your Adaptability

First, use your research skills to master industry-​specific knowledge and trends. Your fresh approach and unique viewpoint can solve problems and bring new perspectives. Seek to prove that innovation can often exceed experience.

Secondly, embrace industry technology and notice the divide between younger and older professionals. Youth tends to be more tech-​savvy with a natural aptitude for change. However, realize that older workers may be resistant to change or reluctant to adapt to new methodologies.

Manage Your Workload and Communicate Proactively

Although building knowledge and experience takes time, you can immediately establish a reputation for reliability with your co-​workers and prospects. The best sales advice is to foster open communication between generations of sellers. Bridging the gap between the experienced and the inexperienced can create a more collaborative and supportive work environment.

Respectfully, you must showcase your results and solicit feedback from both clients and colleagues. These actions will assure that the impact of your work cannot be denied.

The Best Sales Advice: Construct a Personal Brand Highlighting Emotional Intelligence

Empathy and the ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics are crucial in building trust and credibility. Take steps to assure your personal brand is reflected through platforms like LinkedIn. Share your insights, participate in relevant discussions and showcase your expertise.

Work to Build a Network of Close Professional Relationships

Your goal over time is to develop a deep and varied network of trusted colleagues. Mentoring is a great place to begin. Identify higher-​ups you admire and find ways to connect with them within the culture of the organization. Be clear in your motivation and emphasize your commitment to the job. Additionally, look for ways to be of service to them in their work.

By combining strategies that employ the best sales advice, young salespeople can proactively build credibility in the workplace. Positioning themselves as valuable contributors to the team, irrespective of their experience, will help them stand out to prospects. Continuous improvement, a strong work ethic and a commitment to professional development are key factors in earning respect.

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