How to Use Credibility to Boost Sales for Construction Companies

BY Jessica Helinski
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There's an opportunity for construction companies to increase revenue in today’s crowded market. But your company may not be taking advantage of it. It isn’t enough to just do great work. 

To stand out, you must build sales credibility for your company. 

Why Construction Companies Can Boost Sales Using Credibility

Construction is an industry that constantly experiences demand. But it can be tough to stand out among competitors. It’s especially difficult if you aren’t actively showing why your commercial construction company is the best choice.

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do,” according to Intelligent Relations. “It’s all about showcasing those concrete achievements.”

This is where sales credibility comes in. 

As SalesFuel explains, “Credibility, determined by factors like being known, likable, helpful, and trustworthy, heavily influences who we trust … [Who we trust] for advice and information for daily decision-​​making. It's shaped by one's words, actions, and others' testimonials about them.”

Establishing a strong reputation, and demonstrating that credibility attracts new business. Buyers want to work with construction companies that have proven themselves to be the best. 

But how do companies demonstrate credibility? 

Actively Engage In Public Relations

One way to promote a construction company’s excellent reputation is through public relations (PR). “PR helps in building and maintaining a positive public image,” write the professionals at Intelligent Relations. “This is important for attracting clients, investors, and partners.”

There are many public-​facing challenges in the construction industry, including delays and legal issues. They also can have a major impact on local communities. 

Managing these challenges in a transparent way helps maintain companies’ reputations. Open communication will showcase honesty, build trust and encourage connections. 

PR can also be used to promote construction companies’ work. Intelligent Relations recommends using it to specifically “showcase unique or challenging projects. This demonstrates your expertise and innovation, attracting attention in the industry.”

Show Thought Leadership

Construction companies can also drive credibility by engaging in thought leadership. Doing so positions them as experts in their industry. This expertise matters to buyers of construction services and to organizations that post RFPs.

Thought leadership is a key opportunity to showcase your abilities and value … [It] serving as a form of validation for the claims you make on your business website or elsewhere,” writes Ron Carucci for Forbes

Today’s audiences value credibility and authenticity,” he adds. “They want to know that the people they’re doing business with can be trusted.”

There are many opportunities for a construction company to be a thought leader. Consider writing articles and case studies for industry blogs, LinkedIn, or your own website. Make sure to include your own solutions and experiences. 

Share success stories and challenges from your projects,” recommends Intelligence Solutions. “Authentic stories resonate with audiences, showcasing your practical knowledge and experience.”

Just make sure that the content and insights you’re sharing reflect quality. SalesFuel’s Kathy Crosett shares what customers say is quality:

  • "The content must include valuable insights.
  • The content must be relevant to industry trends and topics.
  • The content should have a clear future regarding the future.
  • The authors should be respected and knowledgeable about the topics they write on.
  • 'Smart but small' content wins — especially when the target audience can easily share it on mobile devices."

Credibility Can Be What Sets You Apart

As SalesFuel notes, “It's not how credible you think you are. It's how credible they think you are.” By actively building and promoting credibility, construction companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded industry. They can also nurture trust among skeptical customers. 

These efforts combine to help drive sales and establish lasting, lucrative relationships.

Photo by Anete Lusina