Manage Smarter 239 — Andrea Waltz: NO Can Be the Way to Get to a YES!

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Today's guest says she's an optimistic person but her favorite word is NO. Andrea Waltz is the co-​founder of Courage Crafters, Inc. and co-​author of the best-​selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. For almost two decades, Andrea has been teaching people in virtually every business and industry how to think and feel differently about failure, rejection, and the word, “no” to achieve their goals and dreams.

A member of one of the highest regarded professional groups of women in sales, Women Sales Pros, Andrea is considered a top sales influencer online, featured on lists curated by Hubspot, Salesforce​.com, Live Hive and many others.

The book, Go for No! reached #1 on Amazon’s “Sales & Selling” list in 2010, and has remained in the top 50 Sales books for the last 13 years, having now sold over 500,000 copies. Her latest book with co-​author Richard Fenton, titled When They Say No, was released in February 2023.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Andrea discuss:

  • The radically different ways hearing “NO” affects people
  • Tangible ways you can change how you react to hearing “NO”
  • How leaders and managers can change the way their teams think about "no" creating a mindset that encourages persistence and tenacity
  • How sales pros should view “NO” as a problem with opening, not closing

"The relationship you have with the word NO… what you think and feel when you hear it, and what you do afterward as a result… is THE single most important factor in determining the level of success you will achieve in your life.”

Andrea Waltz

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