Free Ebook: Credibility at Work for Effective Leadership

BY C. Lee Smith
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How leaders can achieve more by building credibility, trust and perception

There is a compelling link between leadership credibility and workforce motivation, according to the 2023 State of Credibility in America study by SalesFuel. The CEO's external messaging is critical as they seek to gain market share and maintain a favorable position with consumers and vendors. Corporate leaders must also cultivate credibility internally.

This free ebook by C. Lee Smith, sponsored by the SalesCred AI-​powered executive branding platform, reveals key findings on how the things said (and left unsaid) by CEOs, sales managers, IT and HR hinder their ability to sell their ideas and build trust.

Data-​backed sections of this ebook include:

  • Public Credibility Impacts Internal Credibility
  • Congruency is the Catalyst of Credibility
  • Ambiguity is the Enemy of Credibility
  • High Credibility Enables High Motivation 
  • Leaders Must Walk the Talk on DEI
  • Leaders Must Speak Openly About AI

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