Credibility Building Master Classes

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Without credibility,
every sales process fails.

Unlike most sales consultants, we don't teach sales methodology.

Instead, we show you how to build credibility and trustworthiness, which is essential for any sales process to be successful.

SalesCred® facilitates live, immersive and inclusive master classes that are customized to your unique personalities and objectives.

Improve how buyers see you with SalesCred master classes.

We identify sales credibility gaps for the company and each salesperson and what's causing them. Then we use our expertise, and crowdsource the wisdom in the room, to develop strategies for improving these perceptions.

SalesCred master classes are delivered by Zoom or in person. Best for teams of 10–50 people. We provide world-​class facilitation with three different topics, critical for building your credibility with prospects.

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Digital Credibility

How High-​Value Prospects See You
Before They'll See You
You know you have a high level of credibility, but do your prospects know that?
In this 2‑hour master class, you will learn how to attract high-​value accounts to you.
  • How buyers qualify (and disqualify) salespeople with the latest research on B2B purchase processes
  • The fast path to winning "trusted advisor" status using the Hierarchy of Sales Credibility
  • How to improve your digital credibility on Google, LinkedIn and social media
  • Discover individual needs and how to address them through a facilitated exercise for each salesperson through paired interviews
7‑day trial to SalesCred PRO included

Selling with Insight

How to Use the Latest Research
to Lead Sales Conversations
Buyers want to work with people who know their stuff and know how to help.
In this 2‑hour master class, you will learn how to use insights to establish credibility upfront.
  • The 7 C's of Pre-​Sales Research
    Best practices for sales preparation using primary and secondary research to get noticed by prospects and accounts
  • How to ask smarter questions
    that build (not lose) credibility
  • Providing Relevant Value™
    Crowdsourcing exercise addressing your available resources and ideal use for providing value that matters to buyers
  • How to communicate credibly
    How to adapt emails and texts so they get read, followed by a small group practice session
7‑day trial to SalesCred PRO included

Selling with AI + EQ

How to Build Credibility with AI
and Emotional Intelligence
AI may have high IQ,
but it has very limited EQ
In this 2‑hour master class, you will learn how to use AI for sales and balance it with EQ.
  • Using AI while maintaining credibility
    Vital best practices for using (and not using) AI in sales with examples for ChatGPT and Google Bard
  • How to apply AI to your sales efforts
    Crowdsourcing exercise addressing how AI could be better used for building credibility with accounts and prospects
  • Learn the impact of emotional intelligence on sales credibility, including the most sought-​after traits and how to improve self-awareness
  • Discover your EQ strengths and strategies through an eye-​opening facilitated exercise with paired interviews
7‑day trial to SalesCred PRO included
Customized versions of these master classes are available for your team or company.

Inquire for rates and availability

Meet Your Faciliators

C. Lee Smith Sales Credibility Expert | Author | Speaker | Workplace Behavior Analyst

SalesCred Author and Creator
C. Lee Smith

With more than 30 years of sales and leadership experience, C. Lee Smith is recognized as one of the Leading Sales Consultants in the world by Selling Power magazine. Lee is the author of the Amazon bestseller SalesCred — How Buyers Qualify Sellers. He multiplies revenue opportunities for sales teams by elevating credibility with buyers.

Lee is also the CEO of SalesFuel — a sales research firm he has led to profitability for 30 straight years.

Learn more about him at C. Lee Smith

ATD Certified, SalesCred Facilitator
Dave Blakeslee

Dave Blakeslee is an expert SaaS training professional and certified instructional designer with more than 20 years of learning and development experience.

With a focus on providing immersive, outcome-​based experiences, Dave designs eLearning programs and plays an instrumental role as a sales credibility trainer and workshop facilitator. He also implemented and now manages SalesFuel’s robust digital credentialing program.

Connect with Dave on LinkedIn

Dave Blakeslee, SalesFuel, SalesCred, Facilitator, Trainer, Instructional Designer
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Can't attend live?
Learn how to build sales credibility on your own schedule.

The SalesCred Academy builds upon standard sales training. Our online, self-​paced course allows you to fully understand and apply sales credibility to your everyday sales efforts. Each module includes an exercise and knowledge check. Upon completion of each module, you will receive a digital badge — a credential you can display on LinkedIn.

It's ideal for new sales professionals needing to build best practices and level the playing field against more experienced competitors.

Offered through the SalesCred app for iOS and Android. Download it today.

Build your credibility to make more sales, faster.

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