Manage Smarter 222 — Jon Morris: Why Your Agency Isn't Growing

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Jon Morris is the founder & CEO of Ramsay Innovations and a serial entrepreneur. Prior to Ramsay, he established Rise Interactive in 2004, with prize money from his second-​place finish in the University of Chicago’s prestigious New venture Challenge. Over the next 16 years he grew Rise from a one-​person shop to one of the largest independent marketing agencies in the world, selling in 2018. 

While pondering his next move, he realized that he was most energized when connecting and helping fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Ramsay Innovations’ mission is to transform marketing agencies by providing them with world-​class, agency-​specific finance management and strategic planning at a fraction of the cost.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, Lee and Jon discuss:

  • Current landscape of agencies in the U.S. and prediction for 2023 given a possible recession
  • The huge opportunities Jon sees for agency sales reps this year and methods to grab more market share
  • How to expand owned and earned media
  • EBITA for agencies and recommended percentages to keep this year
  • How to scale up your sales departments to drive growth and gross margins he recommends for 2023
  • How to accurately forecast and budget for the year

"The biggest mistake agency managers make is the lack of understanding how to use financial insights to improve decision making that will lead to more profits, cash and growth.”

Jon Morris

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