Sales and sales management
are two different skillsets.

Both require credibility.

SalesCred provides self-​paced training for
building credibility, trust and effectiveness.
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Become an expert at building credibility with accounts and prospects.

The SalesCred Certification course builds upon standard sales training. It allows you to fully understand and apply sales credibility to your everyday sales efforts. Each module includes an exercise and knowledge check. Upon completion of each module, you will receive a digital badge — a credential you can display on LinkedIn.

It's ideal for new sales professionals needing to build best practices and level the playing field against more experienced competitors.

Offered through the SalesCred app for iOS and Android. Download it today.

Drive revenue growth by increasing the effectiveness of your sales managers.

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness is a comprehensive e‑learning program that will upskill your sales managers so they can be more credible team leaders who can execute your vision and achieve consistent sales growth.

Unlike other sales management training programs, The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness covers the full range of skills and leadership abilities needed to turn high-​performing salespeople into great sales managers.

Learn more about this program.

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Sales enablement starts with sales credibility.