July 18, 2023

Not all forms of conflict in an organization involve an argument. If you are always trying to convince a team member to change their work process but they keep missing deadlines, per Marlene Chism, a consultant, speaker and author on this topic, you have an unresolved conflict on your team.

March 21, 2023

Have you ever noticed how much more engaged you become in a story that features a flawed protagonist? Think about Walter White in Breaking Bad and how his basic dissatisfaction with life leads him down the path to criminality after he’s diagnosed with lung cancer. We root for characters like this because we identify with their flaws.

December 11, 2022

David Saltzman is the Principal at The Saltzman Group and a 20-​year nationally-​published monthly columnist, an accomplished stage and keynote speaker, and a seasoned marketer. In this episode, we discuss: the StoryBrand Process; why are some stories memorable and spur action while others are ineffective; what are some of the pitfalls of the storytelling approach to watch for?; why you should Always be Yoda and never be Luke Skywalker; and the role of emotion in corporate sales.

August 25, 2022

How often have you scratched your head over a squabble between two employees, wondering how their professional relationship became so toxic? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out how you hired an employee who’s alienated their co-​workers and your customers.

December 23, 2021

They have checked all the boxes in the sales process. They just need to push the deal over the summit, but they are still getting a “no”. What are the top 5 closing phrases to seal the sales deal?

December 12, 2021

Jim Doyle is a sales trainer, television sales veteran and author of the new book, Selling with a Servant Heart; 10 Lessons on the Path to Joy and Increased Income. In this episode, we discuss: the concept of Servant Heart Sales; several of the 10 lessons on Servant Heart sales; how to measure ROI from this approach; and tangible examples on language used Servant Heart technique.


Managers who coach effectively have employees that are 40% more engaged, exhibit 38% more discretionary effort and are 20% more likely to stay at their organization


43% of sales managers say conflicts and time constraints are the biggest barriers to using sales coaching effectively


Most sales teams are over-​​reliant on their top talent with the top fifth bringing in almost 60% of revenues

CSO Insights

A formal sales coaching process improves win rates up to 54%

CSO Insights

42% of managers say they lack the confidence to develop the skills their employees need today


50% of sales professionals seek to learn new things in their current position.

Voice of the Sales Rep Study, SalesFuel, 2022

Only 29% of sales reps have updated their LinkedIn profile in the past year.

Voice of the Sales Rep Study, SalesFuel, 2022

61% of new managers do not receive management training and 69% do not receive coaching


Almost 75% of sales organizations waste resources due to random and informal sales coaching

CSO Insights

79% of sales leaders think they are good coaches, yet only 38% of reps agree

Harvard Business Review

Half of sales organizations say their sales force’s ability to optimize deal size needed improvement or major redesign

World Class Sales Practices Study

Most sales managers invest less than 8% of their time coaching their salespeople

"The Sales Manager's Guide to Greatness," Kevin F. Davis

Coaching will improve the results of the middle 60% of a workforce by up to 19%

Harvard Business Review

72% of salespeople are unable to connect offerings to buyer needs/​​challenges


Buyers rate two-​​thirds of B2B salespeople as average or poor

DiscoverOrg research, 2017

More than 60% of employees reporting to a manager that is not a good coach are thinking about quitting



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