Out-​of-​Home Advertisements Unlock Access to Strong ROI for Marketers

BY Rachel Cagle
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94% of marketers agree that out-​of-​home advertisements surprise and delight consumers more than other ad types, according to onescreen​.ai. These types of ads succeed where digital ads fail while still being able to bring digital aspects to traditional spaces. So, why isn’t your client dedicating more of their budget to OOH?

Out-​of-​Home Advertisements Unlock Access to Strong ROI for Marketers

If Your Client Isn’t Increasing Their OOH Efforts, They’re Falling Behind

Marketers who use out-​of-​home advertisements are seeing big results and increasing their ad spend accordingly. A recent report from OAAA says that “65% of the top 100 OOH advertisers increased their OOH spend from 2022.” And 20% of those advertisers doubled their spending.

Overall, OOH advertising reached $8.7 billion in 2023, a 2.1% increase from 2022. Onescreen.ai’s data shows that marketers say OOH is essential for brand building (93%) and more effective now than pre-​2020 (91%). Plus, 96% of marketers are confident in their ROI for traditional OOH and 76% say the same about digital out-of-home.

After being bombarded with digital ads on their devices, OOH ads can help give consumers information without causing fatigue. But don’t worry; going with OOH ads doesn’t mean your client has to give up on digital.

The types of OOH ads making the biggest splash are:

  • Digital out-​of-​home (DOOH) advertisements, which increased 10% in 2023 to take up 33% of all OOH ad spend
  • Billboards
  • Transit
  • Place-​based

Digital Out-​of-​Home

Why are DOOH ads so popular among marketers? Probably because, according to a previous SalesFuel blog, based on data from GroupM, DOOH ads:

  • Give consumers all the information they need to make purchases: 53% of consumers agree
  • Inspire consumers to make purchases on the spot: 50%
  • Are viewed as “very” or “quite informative”: 77%
  • Inspire consumers to visit websites listed on the ads in order to do more research: 38%
  • Encourage consumers to scan QR codes off the ad: 24%

Creating Successful OOH Ads

So, what goes into making out-​of-​home advertisements that have the best chance of successful ROIs? GroupM recommends creating ads that are:

  • Entertaining: 37% of consumers prefer these types of OOH ads
  • Relevant to consumers’ location: 21%
  • Informative: 20%
  • Prompting viewers to interact with the advertised brand: 15%

Another SalesFuel blog, based on research from OAAA, recommends getting creative with OOH ads. You have so much more space than with other ads. Do something fun with it, like featuring augmented reality and 3D displays.

Remember that giant 3D cat billboard in Tokyo? That got a TON of attention, and not just in the area it was placed in. If your client gets creative enough with their designs, they could potentially get news crews out to feature their ad. Free additional advertising!”

A study by JCDecaux, featured in another SalesFuel blog, recommends:

  • Featuring faces in OOH ads. They attract attention as long as they make sense with your client’s overall message. Any type of face works: human, animal, space invader, etc.
  • Making sure images make up at least 50% of the ad. These grab 38% more attention. “OOH ads are for people on the go; they don’t have time to read more than 10 words.”
  • Using the 10 words as a call to action. Let them know what to do after they see an ad they like

Out-​of-​home advertisements are also primed for targeted marketing. OOH ads let you reach consumers wherever they are when they’re in a buying mindset and at various dayparts. OAAA says 43% of consumers who see OOH ads visit a retail location within 30 minutes and 78% make purchases. Take advantage of that hyper-​targeted marketing opportunity!

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Photo by: Nicolai Berntsen