Top Ways to Drive Sales with Out-​of-​Home Marketing

BY Rachel Cagle
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Big news for out-​of-​home marketing! In the first quarter of 2023, it brought in the second largest first quarter volume since OOH ads were established, according to OAAA! Overall, OOH’s advertising revenue reached $1.82 billion. Was your client a part of this history-​making moment? If not, they should have been. Whether your client is new to this advertising format or it’s an old reliable to them, here are a few ways they can drive sales with it.

Top Ways to Drive Sales with Out-​of-​Home Marketing

Utilize Digital Out-​of-​Home (DOOH)

According to OAAA, digital out-​of-​home marketing keeps getting more and more popular. In the first quarter of 2023, DOOH accounted for over 31% of sales. That’s an increase of 4.3% year-​over-​year. Why is it increasing in popularity? DOOH offers marketers a slew of benefits. It:

Out-​of-​home marketing has proven effective all on its own. But static images aren’t as likely to catch the eye as moving images, right? DOOH takes OOH ads to the next level to capture consumer attention and provide them with all the information they need to make a purchase then and there.

Practice Targeted Marketing

There aren’t many advertising media types that can reach consumers in both a time and place where they’re primed to buy. Out-​of-​home marketing can. Consider this: In an age where most things can be delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button, you only really leave the house when you want or need something right away. When consumers are out and about shopping, all they need is to be pointed in the right direction to inspire sales.

OOH ads have the unique ability to hyper-​target not only locations, but dayparts as well, says Fast Company. “Whether it be retail advertising near a store or reaching sports fans near a stadium, OOH provides marketers with a powerful set of signals to reach the right audience at the right time.” Out-​of-​home marketing is so effective that when stores or restaurants add directions to their location in the ads, 43% of consumers who saw the ad visited the location within 30 minutes and 78% of those consumers made a purchase. OOH hits consumers when and where they’re primed to make purchases and gets results.

Get Creative

Standard digital and traditional ads can only get so creative with their limited space. Out-​of-​home marketing has no such issue. With DOOH, brands can create augmented reality and 3D displays that leave a lasting impression on all who see them, says Fast Company. Remember that giant 3D cat billboard in Tokyo? That got a TON of attention, and not just in the neighborhood it was placed in. If your client gets creative enough with their designs, they could potentially get some news crews out to feature the ad. Free additional advertising!

OOH and Your Client’s Target Audience

Want to know the type of influence OOH has on your client’s target audience specifically? Look up their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you’ll be able to look up:

  • What percentage of this audience took action after seeing an outdoor ad/​sign/​billboard within the last year
  • Information on these consumers’ daily commutes (out-​of-​home marketing exposure)
  • The types of activities they do outside their homes at least twice a week (more exposure)
  • And more

With that information at your disposal, you and your client can come up with ads that will resonate with their target customers where and when they’ll interact with your client’s ads, making the ROI way more than worth it.

Photo by Joshua Earle