Combining Influencers with Out of Home Marketing Yields Big Results

BY Rachel Cagle
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Influencers’ influence doesn’t stop on social media. Their loyal followers recognize their faces. When combined with Out of Home (OOH) marketing, influencers can make an even bigger impact on your client’s sales.

Combining Influencers with Out of Home Marketing Yields Big Results

Out of Home

Out of Home marketing drives sales, plain and simple. According to a previous SalesFuel blog based on research from GroupM, digital Out of Home ads, in particular:

  • Give consumers all the information they need to make purchases: 53% of consumers agree
  • Influence consumers to make purchases on the spot: 50%
  • Inspire consumers to visit websites listed on the ads to do more research: 38%
  • Encourage users to scan included QR codes: 24%

Not only do these ads influence consumers to make purchases on the spot, they’re also known to optimize social media campaigns. According to another SalesFuel blog based on research from Ocean Outdoor, “when marketers use similar content in both social media and DOOH ads, DOOH ads prime social media content positively. ‘People are drawn further to brands on social media when they have seen the brand campaign on DOOH first, delivering a tangible priming impact from the DOOH in terms of brand approach, emotional response and dwell time.” So, Out of Home marketing and influencer marketing are a match made in heaven.


Influencers take any marketing format they touch to the next level. According to a previous SalesFuel post based on data from WARC, “Influencers represent a brand, speak on their behalf and offer an authentic voice that helps brands connect to their audiences with credibility.” Basically, they help your brand brag about themselves in a more digestible way from a trusted third-​party with a huge following of consumers who are likely to take action based on what they say. Influencers can offer all of that to your client’s Out of Home marketing as well.

What to Promote

According to data from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the Out of Home marketing messages that consumers find the most helpful are:

  • Food or drink options at nearby restaurants and stores: 77% of consumers find this helpful
  • Limited time offers or discounts on consumer products: 70%
  • Clothes available at nearby stores for seasonal or current weather conditions: 61%

Also, consumers tend to notice Out of Home ads on their way to physical stores. According to OAAA, the kinds of stores consumers frequently shop at in person are:

  • Grocery stores: 81% of consumers shop at these stores most of, if not all, of the time
  • Stores that sell household supplies: 65%
  • Restaurants: 62%
  • Drug stores: 61%
  • Clothing stores: 53%
  • Shoe stores: 51%
  • Jewelry stores: 34%

Combine this information to create the most effective Out of Home ads featuring influencers.

Where to Place the Ads

When it comes to where your client should place their Out of Home marketing, OAAA recommends placing their ads very close to, right outside or even inside the store. These locations make the ads more noticeable to consumers who plan on shopping there since they’re extremely relevant to the products and/​or services they’re considering purchasing or can influence them to check out the store since it’s right there.

Out of Home Marketing and Your Client’s Customers

For more personalized information on Out of Home marketing and influencers’ effect on your client’s target audience, check out their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you can see how much these marketing types influence these consumers, as well as what kinds of products and services they plan on purchasing within the next year (so that you can feature them in your client’s upcoming ads).

Photo by Pete Pedroza