November 19, 2019

AdMall Data HVAC Dealer to Advertise for First Time

An HVAC distributor in Oak Island, NC had made quite a legacy for itself for over the past 35 years. The family-owned business had only undergone one change in leadership when the owner’s grandson took over ten years ago. Yet in all that time, aside from running a float in the local Christmas parade, they had never once bought advertising. That all changed when the current owner was approached by WECT-TV Account Executive Nancy Nix.

November 5, 2019

Boost Your Clients' SEO Success with Long-Tail Keywords

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to compete with giant companies when it comes to keywords. Using generic search terms isn’t likely to give your clients an advantage when it comes to SEO. Instead, according to a Search Engine Land article written by Kristopher Jones, companies should be using long-tail keywords to rank higher.