Strategic Email Marketing Drives Breakthrough Customer Retention Results

BY Rachel Cagle
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There’s no such thing as one marketing channel that engages 100% of consumers. So, it’s important for your client to have a cross-​channel campaign strategy that’s tailored to their target audiences. Specifically, they should be using one that includes strategic email marketing.

Strategic Email Marketing Drives Breakthrough Customer Retention Results

Why Use a Cross-​Channel Marketing Approach?

According to research from MoEngage, “cross-​channel marketing is a customer-​centered strategy that focuses on building a unified brand presence.” It considers every touchpoint within the buyer journey and integrates traditional and digital channels to best communicate with consumers. Essentially, brands use cross-​channel marketing to get their messages to consumers wherever they are/​however they want to receive them.

On average, brands use a minimum of five channels to efficiently and effectively execute their customer engagement strategies. The top five channels among B2C brands include:

  • Email: 89.6% of B2C marketers say they use this marketing channel
  • Social Media: 80.3%
  • Desktop Website: 67.1%
  • Mobile Website: 65%
  • Mobile App: 49%

Strategic email marketing is a great way to make contact with your client’s target audience. No matter where in the buyer journey they are, email can be a helpful marketing tool.

Email’s Influence

Email is how 13.2% of U.S. consumers prefer to be contacted by brands, according to MoEngage. That probably has a lot to do with email marketing’s top slot among marketers’ usage for four straight decades. That and every $1 spent on email marketing brings in $51 in revenue.

Overall, 75.6% of B2C marketers say that “email is their organization’s most effective engagement channel.” That’s WAY more than all the other top contenders listed above:

  • Email: 75.6%
  • Social Media: 56.7%
  • Website: 41.1%
  • In-​App Messaging: 18.7%

That’s not to say that the other digital channels listed aren’t important. By definition, you need multiple channels in order to have an effective cross-​channel campaign. But strategic email marketing is still proving more effective than the other channels as they are growing.

Email Marketing Inspires Customer Loyalty

While it’s obvious that strategic email marketing can help find new customers, brands should be focusing on their retention power. MoEngage says that acquiring new customers is 5–25 times more expensive than retaining one existing customer. Plus, brands that increase customer retention by just 5% see increased profits of 25–95%!

So, which types of messages make an effective strategic email marketing campaign? According to a previous SalesFuel blog based on data from Marigold, content consumers are most likely to engage with include:

  • Loyalty Program Promotions: 84% of consumers say they’re likely to engage with these emails
  • Discounts and Coupon Codes: 84%
  • Sales Promotions and Holiday Coupons: 80%
  • Offers Tailored to Each Recipient’s Interests: 78%
  • Product Announcements: 76%
  • Exclusive VIP Offers: 75%

Do you notice what most of these email messages have in common? They’re hyper-​relevant to individual recipients. And that’s one of the reasons email is such a crucial part of cross-​channel campaigns.

Consumers are so overwhelmed with ads that they not only enjoy personalization where they can get it, they demand it. Emails are among the easiest ads to give consumers the personalization they expect. Your client can use the information they have on each recipient to:

  • Tailor email messaging to treat each recipient as an individual
  • Send personalized offers for important days like birthdays
  • Offer product recommendations based on each recipient’s past purchases
  • Create personalized messaging based on their interests

Want to see what percentage of your client’s target audience is motivated to take action by email ads? Check out their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel to see data from the past year. Then they’ll see that cross-​channel campaigns featuring strategic email marketing is a no-​brainer strategy.

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