AdMall's Advertising Response Responsible For $20,000 Sports OTT Package

BY Adam Ambro
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Julie Huffer, an account executive for OnMedia, had only been selling media for 15 months when she approached a local hospital with a cable TV campaign idea that would be set to run during the most recent college football season.

The business I used AdMall for was a large hospital,” said Huffer. “They specialize in the following: family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, and specialty care. The senior marketing manager is always looking to be visually on the forefront of advertising, and they have strong competition in the area, and need to show they are leaders in health care in the community especially in robotic surgery.”

While relatively new to the job, Huffer knew AdMall would be an invaluable resource to help her potential hospital client.

AdMall has definitely helped showcase to the senior marketing manager that using cable TV with our sports packages has extremely high viewership numbers that puts them out front of their ideal customer base,” said Huffer.

I was able to share AdMall research with my potential client showing them how 38.6% of consumers, in the past 30 days, who were Medical/​Surgery shoppers had seen advertising on cable that led them to taking action. And, 71.5% of the same shoppers over the last 12 months had seen cable advertising leading them to take action.”

According to Huffer, the client spent $19,900 across two TV zones for a mixture of traditional cable TV advertising, along with a sports OTT package.