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Imagine having the power to handpick your ideal clients, the ones that align perfectly with your business goals and values.
With AdMall's New Business Targeting virtual workshop, you can confidently attract the clients you truly desire.

Multiply revenue in your desired category with AdMall's New Business Targeting Workshop

To reach your ambitious revenue goals, you need new business. With AdMall's New Business Targeting Workshop, you can confidently attract the clients you truly desire by making greater use of the most powerful sales intelligence tool for local media and digital marketing sales.

Through interactive sessions conducted via Zoom breakout rooms, New Business Targeting Workshop delivers customized, advanced training that translates directly into tangible revenue growth — in just two hours.

  • Seamlessly navigate underutilized selling tools with the guidance of an AdMall® expert.
  • Unlock the full potential of curated reports tailored to your goals, including: local account intelligence, the prospect’s Digital Audit™, AudienceSCAN® audience segmentation and target demographics.
  • Harness the power of crowd-​sourced intelligence, making the experience immersive and tailored to your unique sales training needs.

Just $995 per 2‑hour virtual workshop for up to 30 participants.

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As one recent client put it: "This was the BEST training we've ever had!"

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Meet Your Faciliators

ATD Certified, SalesFuel Facilitator
Dave Blakeslee

Dave Blakeslee is an expert SaaS training professional and certified instructional designer with more than 20 years of learning and development experience.

With a focus on providing immersive, outcome-​based experiences, Dave designs eLearning programs and plays an instrumental role as a sales credibility trainer and workshop facilitator. He also implemented and now manages SalesFuel’s robust digital credentialing program.

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AdMall Director of Client Success
Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro is the go-​to expert for unlocking the full potential of AdMall. Having worked in the media sales field for six years he has experience with client support, account management, onboarding and training. He has a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University. 

Adam’s favorite part of his job is helping people have that “lightbulb moment,” where everything clicks during training and they’re able to take the ideas they learned and make them applicable in their daily sales routine.

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