How to Optimize Your Client’s Content Marketing Process

BY Rachel Cagle
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Your clients need your help with their content marketing process more than ever. They have several major issues they need assistance overcoming to meet their content goals. Here’s how you can help.

How to Optimize Your Client’s Content Marketing Process

Keeping Up with Content Demand

According to a report from Canto, 51% of content and creative professionals need help keeping up with ever-​increasing content demands. It happens across various channels, which makes it a top challenge the majority of content marketers are facing today.

To solve the creation portion of this problem, Canto recommends turning to AI for help.

Only 35% of content marketers are currently using AI as part of their content marketing process. There’s opportunity for growth, though, since 42% of those who aren’t would like to in the coming year. You can help move the process forward.

A previous SalesFuel blog based on data from Deloitte, Duke Fuqua and the American Marketing Association says that, 

AI-​enabled content creation and personalization can make brands’ ad dollars go a long way. Not only can AI help optimize content…it can help free up brands’ marketing teams’ time to let them focus on other important tasks.”

The CMOs who are already utilizing AI for content creation are trusting it to create content such as:

  • Blogs: 59.83% are using AI to create blog posts
  • Website Content: 63.6%
  • Social Media Content: 51.63%
  • Email Copy: 51.3%
  • Ad Copy: 37.83%
  • Product and Service Descriptions: 34.5%
  • Technical Copy: 13.2%

So far, the content marketers who invest in AI are seeing more benefits with the more tools they invest in. According to Canto, content marketers who use at least four AI tools are more:

  • Confident in their ability to successfully meet yearly content goals: 80% agree
  • Satisfied with how content is being managed and distributed: 63%
  • Likely to see significant increases in ROI in content and creative production: 34%

Deciding What Kinds of Content to Create

The second half of the top problem among content marketers is making content for various channels. You can’t start the content marketing process without knowing what channels to focus on. How can you know which content types will perform best among the client’s target audience?

AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel can help with that. Simply look up your client’s target audience’s profile. You’ll not only see which types of content perform the best among those consumers. There's also information regarding the types of content certain audiences enjoy consuming the most.

Locating Assets for Content Creation

Another major challenge among content marketers is locating and accessing assets efficiently, says Canto. 33% of marketers say this is a problem within their content marketing process. On a weekly basis, locating assets needed to execute content programs takes marketers an average of:

  • 3–4 hours: 41% of content marketers agree
  • More than 5 hours: 25%
  • 1–2 hours: 24%
  • Less than an hour: 10%

Beyond frustration, difficulty finding and accessing assets quickly has resulted in loss of productivity…or wasted budget for another 73% of content and creative professionals,” says Canto. It’s a big problem that 93% of content marketers believe need fixing. These marketers believe that accessing assets quickly would improve their ability to not only meet but exceed their strategic goals.

To keep the content marketing process on track, Canto recommends taking advantage of a Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM). Only 43% of content marketers are currently using one. Overall, 85% of content marketers are interested in using an AI-​driven DAM to help them better locate their digital assets. This tool can help professionals get content to market faster.

You can help them with the selection process or possibly recommend your own. Or do you have a better idea for locating assets? Share it to get the content marketing process on track!

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