Best Brands’ Content Marketing to Include AI

BY Rachel Cagle
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AI’s content marketing effectiveness comes from its ability to do more than simply write content. When used properly, AI can save you and your client a ton of time in most aspects of content creation. That’s why the best brands’ content marketing strategies include AI. Let’s discuss.

Best Brands’ Content Marketing to Include AI

AI’s Content Marketing Uses

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, 72% of marketers are using generative AI tools in some way, shape or form. Yet only 45% are using AI to write the drafts for their content. So, what are they using it for?

The top content tasks marketers use AI for include:

  • Brainstorming new topics: 51% of marketers use AI for this task
  • Researching headlines, keywords, etc.: 45%
  • Writing drafts: 45%
  • Outlining assignments: 23%
  • Proofreading content: 20%
  • Generating graphics and images: 11%
  • Creating and enhancing audio: 5%
  • Producing videos: 5%

Basically, best brands’ content marketing strategies include AI to save them time and help with inspiration. Once you and your client have a good idea of what topics to write about and what keywords to include, the rest mostly comes easily. And if it doesn’t, well, AI is around to help with that too.


Not only are content writers using AI to help with the creative process, they’re using it to stay ahead of changing SEO trends. It’s no big secret that AI is being incorporated into search engines. So, the best brands’ content marketing strategies are also changing to:

  • Focus more on user intent and answering their questions: 31%
  • Create more thought leadership content: 27%
  • Create more conversational content: 22%

Content Marketing Institute recommends focusing future content creation on answering the big questions your client’s target audience has. “Those phrases still have ‘visit website intent’ … and will for years to come.” Figuring out what those questions are is also something AI can help you out with.

Why Content Marketers Need AI

Along with all of AI’s use cases above, it can help solve most of content marketers’ most pressing challenges. According to Content Marketing Institute, some of the top challenges content marketers are facing today include:

  • Creating the right content for their target audience: 57% of marketers agree
  • Creating that content consistently: 54%
  • Differentiating content from the competitions’: 54%
  • Optimizing content for SEO: 45%
  • Creating quality content: 44%

The main problem contributing to their challenges is a lack of resources among the content marketing team. Of course, AI can help solve many of these problems for obvious reasons, but there’s another secret weapon your client can take advantage of: you.

You and your agency keep up to date with the latest trends in your client’s industry. You know what’s trending in that industry and what potential customers want to know. Plus, you’re familiar with their target audience(s).

If that last point isn’t quite as true as it used to be, don’t worry. You can always look up the latest data on your client’s target audience on their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you can gain more insights on what types of content that audience responds to and what types of themes will help inspire clicks.

To give you a head start, according to Content Marketing Institute, here are the types of content that produce the best results for marketers:

  • Case Studies and Customer Stories: 53% of marketers agree
  • Videos: 53%
  • Thought Leadership eBooks and White Papers: 51%
  • Short Articles and Posts: 47%
  • Research Reports: 43%

The best brands’ content marketing strategies include AI to save time, money and effort to help them stay on top of trends and consumer expectations.

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