Top Organic SEO Marketing Tactics to Drive Rankings

BY Rachel Cagle
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No matter how fantastic your client’s content is, it’ll never reach their audience without stellar search engine optimization (SEO). Here are a few organic SEO marketing tactics you should know. Employ these tactics so your client’s content has the best chance of reaching their target audience.

Top Organic SEO Marketing Tactics to Drive Rankings

Content Metrics

According to a study by Semrush, content plays a big role in organic SEO marketing. The top factors that influence search results are:

  • Text Relevance
  • Keyword Coverage
  • Content Quality
  • Content Elements on the Page
  • Content Length
  • Authorship
  • Readability Score
  • Content Age

Let’s discuss.

Text Relevance/​Keyword Coverage

Top-​ranking pages are more relevant to the search query compared to lower-​ranking pages,” reports Semrush. The goal of search engines is to provide the most relevant pages to each person's query during each search. So, it’s no wonder text relevance tops organic SEO marketing tactics.

Google says that, when determining relevance of content, it analyzes:

  • Keywords (compares words in content to keywords used in the search)
  • Pictures, videos, lists, etc., related to keywords

So, how can your client’s content rank highly on search results pages and be seen by more consumers? You need to know which keywords their target audience(s) will be searching for. Consequently, create content relevant to those queries and searches. 

According to a previous SalesFuel blog based on data from AIContentfy, you can use AI to help with keyword research. “AI-​powered tools can analyze large volumes of data to identify the most relevant and high-​traffic keywords for a particular topic or industry.” Running a Digital Audit on AdMall by SalesFuel can also help you determine the best keywords for your client to use.

Performing keyword research will not only help your client develop more relevant content going forward. They can also go back and optimize their existing content for today’s searches.

Content Quality

When identifying quality content, Google takes demonstrated expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness into consideration. Google recommends:

  • Highlighting original information, reporting, research and/​or analysis
  • Thorough descriptions of the topic
  • Information that goes beyond the obvious
  • Linking to/​drawing from other sources, while also providing additional value to that content

Additionally, prominent websites linked to your client’s content look even better to Google and increase your client’s reach.

Content Elements

One of the organic SEO marketing tactics that is commonly overlooked is including elements other than text to content. Simply adding images to your client’s content can boost their search results rankings significantly. They can also add lists, tables, etc. to achieve the same goal.

Not only do additional content elements boost search rankings, they also can help your client’s content’s readability. Which sounds more appealing: A solid block of text or text that is divided by images and lists that contribute to the message? Your answer is probably the one that’s more visually appealing.

Content Length

Again, no one wants to read a solid wall of text. Keep your client’s content precise and concise. Strive to use the least amount of words possible to convey your client’s message.

According to Semrush, “the average word count for the top 10 pages is 1,451 words.” So, try to not let your client go above that when crafting their webpages and content.


Making your client’s content easy to read is also critical to its search results success. Keep the content easy to read and understand by using shorter sentences and avoiding jargon.

Semrush recommends referring to the Flesch Reading Ease score and aiming for a 90 or above. Basically, if a 5th grader can easily read and understand the message, you’re on the right track.

But don’t worry if you can’t get your client’s content score that high. The average readability score of the top results pages Semrush analyzed was a 51.2 (suitable for high schoolers).

Put these content-​related organic SEO marketing tactics into action and see how quickly your client’s content benefits from them.

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