Manage Smarter 15 — Jeffrey Hayzlett: Secrets of the C‑Suite

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Jef­frey Hay­zlett is a prime­time tele­vi­sion host of C‑Suite with Jef­frey Hay­zlett and Exec­u­tive Per­spec­tives on C‑Suite TV, and busi­ness pod­cast host of All Busi­ness with Jef­frey Hay­zlett on C‑Suite Radio.

He is a glob­al busi­ness celebri­ty, speak­er, best-sell­ing author, and Chair­man and CEO of C‑Suite Net­work, home of the world’s most trust­ed net­work of C‑Suite lead­ers. Hay­zlett is a well-trav­eled pub­lic speak­er, for­mer For­tune 100 CMO, and author of three best-sell­ing busi­ness books: Think Big, Act Big­ger: The Rewards of Being Relent­less, Run­ning the Gaunt­let and The Mir­ror Test.

As a lead­ing busi­ness expert, Hay­zlett is fre­quent­ly cit­ed in Forbes, SUCCESS and oth­er lead­ing busi­ness pub­li­ca­tions. He shares his exec­u­tive insight and com­men­tary on tele­vi­sion net­works like Bloomberg, MSNBC, Fox Busi­ness, and C‑Suite TV. Hay­zlett is a for­mer Bloomberg con­tribut­ing edi­tor and prime­time host, and has appeared as a guest celebri­ty judge on NBC’s Celebri­ty Appren­tice with Don­ald Trump for three sea­sons.


In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Jef­frey Hay­zlett dis­cuss:

  • The per­spec­tive of a C‑Suite exec­u­tive — how to speak and sell to them
  • How to become a mem­ber of the C‑Suite
  • Build­ing trust
  • The most valu­able cur­ren­cy: time
  • His thoughts on his boss on Celebri­ty Appren­tice
  • Which notable com­pa­ny could be the next to suf­fer the same fate as Kodak

Key Take­aways:

  • Being reli­able and com­pe­tent builds trust
  • When you're going to pitch a com­plex idea, have two slides only — if Moses can get his com­plex points across on two slabs of stone, then you can get yours across in two slides
  • Your mood  — what effect you have on oth­ers and your envi­ron­ment, tenac­i­ty — fail­ing but get­ting back up again and being able to deliv­er will set you apart from the pack
  • Nev­er stop learn­ing


"(C‑Suite exec­u­tives) aren't the smartest peo­ple in the room; our job is to be the most strate­gic peo­ple in the room." — Jef­frey Hay­zlett


Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith as they dive into the aspects and con­cepts of good busi­ness man­age­ment. From debunk­ing sales myths to learn­ing how to man­age with and with­out mea­sure­ments, you'll learn some­thing new with every episode and will be able to imple­ment pos­i­tive change far beyond sales.


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