TV Broadcast Advertising Drives 60% of Viewers to Research Online

BY Rachel Cagle
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Digital ads may be making huge waves in the advertising industry, but TV broadcast advertising is still the king. Plus, TV ads often motivate digital engagement. Let’s discuss.

TV Broadcast Advertising Drives 60% of Viewers to Research Online

TV has the Furthest Reach

According to a study by TVB, TV broadcast advertising has the highest reach of all ad types. And it’s not an insignificant lead:

  • Broadcast TV: Reaches 81% of consumers over the age of 18
  • Email: 65%
  • Search: 59%
  • Social Media: 58%
  • Cable TV: 56%
  • Radio: 48%
  • Paid Streaming Programs on TV with Ads: 46%
  • Free Streaming Programs on TV with Ads: 43%
  • Paid Streaming Programs on TV with No Ads: 37%
  • Streaming Video Other than TV Programs on Digital Media: 37%

That’s right: Not only does broadcast TV reach more consumers than other kinds of TV/​video viewing options — it tops even email by a whopping 15%!

Consumers spend way more time watching TV than they do interacting with any other format they could encounter ads on:

  • Broadcast TV: Consumers over the age of 18 watch an average of three hours of 46 minutes of broadcast TV on a daily basis
  • Cable TV: One hour and 51 minutes
  • Social Media: One hour and 11 minutes
  • Both Free and Paid Steaming Programs on TV with Ads: One hour and 8.5 minutes
  • Radio: 57 minutes
  • Email: 56 minutes

Again, a lead of one hour and 55 minutes is not insignificant. That gives consumers way more opportunities to interact with TV broadcast advertising than any other ad type out there.

Broadcast TV Ads Drive Engagement

Before you ask, yes, TV broadcast advertising is effective at driving sales. TVB says that 60% of consumers over the age of 18 go to the internet to do research on products and services they see promoted on broadcast TV ads.

Broadcast TV ads may have such a sway over U.S. consumers because it’s the most trusted source for news. When people trust what they see on a media format, they’re way more likely to take action, especially when it comes to their money.

Where to Place Your Client’s Ads

Of course, there’s an art to getting your client’s TV broadcast advertising in the best place to drive engagement. According to TVB, local TV news is not only the most popular news source, it’s also the one that consumers trust the most. 74% of consumers trust local TV broadcast news more than any other media.

According to a previous SalesFuel blog post, based on data from TVREV, “Local TV news is still very popular with consumers, and a sizable percentage would be upset if it went away. These broadcasts are a reliable and easy way to keep current with local happenings and must-​know information. They’re also a trusted source for consumers who have spent years getting information through them.”

Broadcast TV (local/​network) is also poised to see ad spending growth this year thanks to the upcoming election.

That’s just a jumping off point, though. The best place to put your client’s broadcast TV ads depends entirely on your client’s target audience. So, how can you know where to put their ads?

Check out their target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you’ll see:

  • What percentage of this audience took action after seeing TV ads within the last year
  • How much time on average they spend watching TV on a daily basis
  • Which types of TV shows are their favorites
  • Which sports they like to watch
  • And more

It’s about time your client stopped sleeping on TV broadcast advertising and start getting their messages where everyone can see them.

Photo by: Kevin Woblick