Manage Smarter 232 — Stephanie Nivinskus: Fix What Isn't Selling to Scale Your Business

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Stephanie Nivinskus is the CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, an agency that helps scaling companies get noticed and attract more clients on a daily basis. Since 1995, she has developed and executed brand-​building campaigns for companies including Starbucks, The NFL, Quiksilver, and thousands of small businesses. 

A Story Brand Certified Guide and Certified Partner of Digital Marketer, Stephanie has written for Forbes & Entrepreneur magazines and she is the author of the International #1 Bestseller, "Absolutely Unforgettable: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Heart-​Centered Brand And Standing Out In A Noisy World."

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Stephanie discuss:

  • 5 explanations as to why your products or services aren’t selling
  • How to appeal to buyers on an emotional level
  • Attention-​getting techniques to create FOMO
  • How company credibility and product credibility affect salesperson credibility
  • When to pull the plug on a product that’s not doing well

"I will tell you I am a firm believer there’s 5 emotional motivators that prompt people to pull out their wallets over and over and over.”

Stephanie Nivinskus

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