AdMall’s Research Helps Close $20,000 Farm Equipment Co-​op Digital Ad Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Create a farm equipment co-​op digital ad campaign to get the company’s name out into the world

Christa Scott, a marketing executive from Nexstar, has been selling media for a little over a year and had only been using AdMall for about 10 months when she approached a local farm equipment business that had no marketing. Scott felt a farm equipment co-​op digital ad campaign would be a great way to drive traffic to the company, while also saving them money.

When I stopped by their location, they hadn't done any advertising,” said Scott. “Their newest location was off the beaten path, and they weren’t seeing any traffic, as most people in the town of 4,000 didn’t even know the company was there.” 

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s Co-​Op Source Reports

AdMall was able to help uncover options that would benefit the business, by giving geographical information, and of course, the co-​op is what closed the sale,” said Scott. “AdMall provided me with the co-​op requirements, contact, logos, and really helped me close one of my largest spends as a new marketing rep.” 

Result: Increased traffic and ROI for the company

Advertising for the first time can be a scary prospect, especially if it’s an all-​digital campaign. But the fact that Scott was able to create a farm equipment co-​op digital ad campaign, which took a burden off the local business was a great way to build trust and credibility with the advertiser.

After being able to provide demographics for them, I explained further how they have co-​op for a brand that they sell/​service,” said Scott. “Their 10-​month spend with me was $20,000, and their co-​op is covering the majority of the invoiced amount.”

According to Scott, the farm equipment co-​op digital ad campaign has attracted new clients, and increased traffic to their location, as most consumers didn’t even know the company existed. She credits the advertising packages for this, as the consumers were well informed of the company’s locations being conveniently located near them.

AdMall's intelligence system is used by thousands of U.S. media properties, from cable companies and newspapers to local TV, billboard, and cinema companies. It also includes manufacturer co-​op funding information. Through the shared-​cost advertising vehicle of co-​op funding, media sales reps encourage local dealers to create ad campaigns featuring vendor products, especially when there are limited-​time promotions and new product introductions.

We maintain a database of detailed co-​op funding/​market development programs for over 10,000 brands. There is no cost for vendors to have their co-​op advertising program details listed in the AdMall intelligence system. When vendors share their co-​op plan with AdMall, their local dealers can have the kind of success experienced by this beauty salon and this window treatment retailer.

More About: Farm/​Agricultural Equipment Dealers

Farm equipment dealers sell new and used tractors, combines, balers, harrows, etc. to farmers. These dealers are heavily concentrated in the farm-​rich states of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, among others. In addition to selling equipment and parts, these businesses also supply repair and maintenance services and offer advice on how to use the equipment. Urban expansion has caused many dealers to extend their inventory to include residential lawn and garden equipment, tools and replacement parts.

Major manufacturers of farm equipment include John Deere, AGCO, Husqvarna and CNH Industrial. In many cases, the dealer may act more as a wholesaler than a retailer. In other cases, dealers may carry more than one manufacturer’s line or specialized equipment, often referred to as short lines. 

Approximately 7,800 businesses operate at the wholesale level and report about $71 billion in annual revenue in the agricultural, garden and farm equipment industry. Farm equipment manufacturing and dealers support approximately 120,000 jobs in the U.S.