3 Ways to Drive Revenue with Business Intelligence Insights

BY Denise Gibson
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Improving profit margins can be an extremely difficult goal to achieve without the right business intelligence insights. There are three in particular that you need to give your client to ensure the best chance of success this year. Here’s what they are.

3 Ways to Drive Revenue with Business Intelligence Insights

Find Out What’s Working vs. What Needs to Change

According to an article by Localogy, one of the best ways to start your client’s profit margin improvement journey is by performing an audit. The gathering of these business intelligence insights should be done quarterly to see how your client’s advertising efforts are performing.

An easy way to accomplish this data gathering is by performing a Digital Audit on AdMall by SalesFuel. In a matter of minutes, you’ll gain real-​time marketing analysis on the success of your client’s efforts. You’ll learn your client’s:

  • Digital alignment and online reputation scores
  • Whether or not they’re utilizing ads that drive their target customers to take action
  • Examples of their text ads
  • Gaps in their SEO strategy that you can help fill
  • Google organic search traffic trends
  • Their top organic competitors
  • Peak interest months
  • How their social media marketing efforts compare to what their target audience uses
  • Website optimization scores
  • So much more

With those business intelligence insights, you’ll easily be able to identify what your client is doing. And you'll know what’s working for them and where they are falling short of their goals.

Understand Their Target Audience

Effectively connecting with your client’s target audience is another critical component to increasing profits. You and your client have to understand how their target audience prefers to interact with ads and which types of content they’re looking for. Then you can craft a campaign to reach these audiences. 

As your client seeks to connect with more audiences, this strategy can become more complicated.

With the right intelligence tool at your fingertips, all of that becomes a breeze. For example, AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, has marketing, demographic and future purchasing information on hundreds of unique audiences.

Let’s say you want to follow Localogy’s advice on getting social to improve profit margins. How can you know which social platforms to use to best connect with the community your client wants to reach? Simply look up their profile on AudienceSCAN to see which platforms are the most popular among that audience.

You can also find information on:

  • Which types of ads inspired the highest percentages of that audience to take action within the past year
  • Demographic information that can indicate which actors, models and employees to feature in ads
  • What products and services they plan to pay for within the next year

Create Ideas for New Marketing Strategies

Inspiration doesn’t need to come out of nowhere. Knowing your client’s competition and what’s working for them can give your client a huge advantage.

So, don’t forget to get business intelligence insights on your client’s primary competitors. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as difficult or covert an operation as it may sound. Performing a Digital Audit on AdMall by SalesFuel can help you with this task too.

You can see which organic search keywords are working the best for the competition, their most shared content, and other ways they’re succeeding that your client can learn from. You can also see where they’re falling short and make sure your client thrives where the competition is lacking. 

Remember to regularly update your well-​rounded collection of intelligence on your client and their top competitors. This strategy is the best way to ensure that you boost your revenue and theirs.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start collecting the business intelligence insights your client needs to get ahead and improve their profit margins this year!

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