AdMall’s Presentation Tools Help Close $12,000 Home Remodeler Ad Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Increase name recognition with a targeted home remodeler ad campaign

Ben Mendoza, an account executive for KKTV, has been an avid AdMall user for nearly three years and is already a multiple time Sell Smarter! Award winner. Having earned so many sales successes, he felt that his expertise, and AdMall’s sales tools, would prove beneficial when reaching out to a local business about a potential home remodeler ad campaign.

They specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling,” said Mendoza. “The main challenge they are facing is people don't know what they do. Their name is not a good descriptor.  They also did not believe that targeted email or advertising on our news website would work.”

Solution: Create a presentation backed with AdMall’s research

Using AdMall’s sales tools, any user can create a professional PowerPoint presentation that consists of nearly 50 slides. Mendoza, being the savvy AdMall veteran, knew this would help prove his targeted home remodeler ad campaign could work for the potential client.

AdMall helped me with producing a PowerPoint that gave me information about their industry, as well as information on advertising responsiveness which helped me sell them on broadcast and targeted email,” said Mendoza

I used the PowerPoint creator to help me feel informed, but the AudienceSCAN data is what sold them and was most beneficial.”

Result: A new client, with potential for more growth

I sold them on broadcast and targeted email,” said Mendoza. “So far, they have spent $11,700, and I hope to sell them streaming in the near future.”

Mendoza says that the client has already seen an uptick of consumers responding to the home remodeler ad campaign.

They have seen an uptick in calls, website traffic and contacts with commercial clients,” said Mendoza.

And while Mendoza is a multiple time success story winner and has closed multiple sales using AdMall, he wanted to stress to new users of the tool that it’s not hard to master.

It only took me about a month to get comfortable with AdMall,” said Mendoza. “I would recommend AdMall to another sales rep because it provides comprehensive insights into local markets, helping tailor sales pitches with relevant data on competitors, audiences demographics and industry trends.”

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