How Social Ads Boost Astonishing Home Services Business Revenue

BY Rachel Cagle
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Despite the rising costs of basically everything, homeowners still plan on spending about the same amount of money on services. A study by tinuiti says that most consumers will maintain their spending on home repair, maintenance and improvement in 2024. It also says that your client should be focusing on search and social ads when targeting these consumers. 

Here’s what you need to know.

How Social Ads Boost Astonishing Home Services Business Revenue

Finding First-​Time Home Service Provider Shoppers Matters

When consumers start looking for home services providers, they’re looking for someone to work with for life. A study by tinuiti found that 37% of consumers rarely seek out new providers when they need services. Another 38% only sometimes look for new providers.

So, knowing where to reach first-​time home services provider shoppers is crucial. Working in a “first and last provider you’ll ever need” message could be a good addition to said ads.

Social = Discovery

When asked where they first saw or heard about a home services provider that they ended up hiring, consumers said:

Aside from search and social media, no other ad format even breaks 20%. And the percentages for search and social only get higher when you narrow the audience to millennials and Gen Z.

The top social media platforms for new home service providers discovery are:

  • Facebook: 35% of consumers agree
  • YouTube: 8%
  • Instagram: 4%
  • TikTok: 2%
  • Reddit: 2%
  • Pinterest: 2%
  • X (formerly Twitter): 1%

Of course, the social media platform that will work best for your client’s social ads depends on their target audience. You can look up which platforms they use the most on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.

What to Promote

Every age group agrees that they’d rather find a specialist for each home service they need. So, it’s important that your client’s social ads highlight their specialization in each service category they offer.

Surprisingly, having the best price isn’t the top quality consumers look for when deciding which business to hire:

  • Licensed and Insured: 53% of consumers agree that this is a top quality of a home services company
  • Best Prices: 41%
  • Good Online Reviews: 39%
  • Provides Free Estimations: 32%
  • Can Do the Job Quickly: 22%

When you narrow down the audience to millennials and Gen Z, offering the best price becomes the most important aspect. They also value the brand having good online reviews more than older generations.

Your client should keep all the traits consumers value in mind when deciding the messages to feature in social ads.

When to Advertise

There are specific months that home services providers should be posting their social ads during to get the best results. The services with the most definitive time periods are:

  • Lawn Care: April-​June are when most consumers tend to search for these services. The runner-​up months are January-​March and July-September
  • Gutter Cleaning: October-​December are the months consumers are most likely to search for these services. The runner ups are April-​June and then July-September
  • Pool Care: April-​June are the months consumers are most likely to search for these services. They’re followed by October-December

Pest control, HVAC, painting, housecleaning, and plumbing services are more evergreen when it comes to searches. More than half of the consumers who search for them don’t have a specific timeframe when they do so. However, the most popular months for searching for each of them are April-June.

So, the best time to run a campaign with social ads is April-​June, especially if your client offers multiple services.

Photo by: Roselyn Tirado