Manage Smarter 208 — Darrell Amy: Aligning Sales and Marketing

BY Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith
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Darrell Amy is on a mission to help great companies grow revenue.

With 27 years of B2B marketing and sales experience ranging from mid-​sized local companies to enterprise organizations, Darrell has diverse experience across the sales and marketing landscape. He has trained thousands of salespeople in solution selling, created digital marketing strategies for hundreds of companies, and consulted with Fortune 500 technology companies. He knows what works—and what doesn’t.

He’s the author of the best-​selling book Revenue Growth Engine, How To Align Sales and Marketing To Drive Accelerate Growth. He’s the host of the Revenue Growth Podcast on the C‑Suite Radio Network and the co-​host of the Selling From the Heart podcast. He’s a member of the Forbes Business Council and a C‑Suite Advisor. 

In this podcast and vodcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, Lee and Darrell discuss:

  • How to drive higher revenue by sales and marketing alignment
  • How a revenue focus is a more holistic approach to growing your business
  • 5 Ways to Analyze your sales and marketing alignment


"Whether it be focusing on just one end of the client life cycle or focusing too much on their own department, many leaders struggle to maximize client relationships due to misalignment across the revenue engine."

Darrell Amy

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