New AE Closes $13,000 Steel Manufacturer Advertising Campaign Thanks to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Survey

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Getting the word out with a new steel manufacturer advertising campaign

Lynn Schweer has only been selling media for a little over a year for OnMedia when they approached a wholesale steel seller with a pitch that would get their name out around the area. Though newer to the media sales industry, Schweer felt that AdMall could help create a steel manufacturer advertising campaign that would benefit the potential client.

[The company] historically relied on traditional forms of advertising, print/​newspaper, word of mouth,” said Schweer. “They were open to digital because they know it’s important for customers to look at their website before doing business with them. They want more people to know they are there. [The client] specified they’d like to increase their online presence.” 

Solution: Creating a steel manufacturer advertising campaign using AudienceSCAN

Though new to the industry, Schweer had been using AdMall since day one. Knowing AdMall’s sales tools could help develop a well-​rounded steel manufacturer advertising campaign, they turned to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN survey to learn who to target for the company.

I showed them the B2C Advertising Response [portion of the AudienceSCAN survey],” said Schweer. “I showed them what digital spaces similar businesses are using to reach the right people.”

Result: A new client, with increased web traffic

A steel manufacturer advertising campaign was created around Dish, DirecTV, SEM, CTV, and pre-​roll. The client signed on for $13,000.

[The company and I] have met once so far to discuss the campaign, and we see that site traffic is increasing among those actively looking for their products,” said Schweer. “We will meet again soon to discuss how this may have increased leads for them. They like that we are increasing their online presence.”

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Welders and fabricators join ferrous metals according to plans provided by customers in the commercial, industrial or government sectors. They may also custom-​fabricate items like storage tanks or silos for agricultural applications. Other specialties include cutting, stamping, tube bending and molding metal to customer specifications. The shops may offer repair services such as welding (gas, arc or consumables), brazing and soldering, and hard facing. They may also offer maintenance services in the thermal spray category. 

Two out of three welding jobs are in manufacturing. Industries which require welding services include energy, construction, vehicles, and shipbuilding. In addition, government agencies ranging from the local to federal level require welding services and regularly seek bids on contracts. The demand for welding equipment and consumables is expected to increase. 

In the next several years, analysts believe that deterioration in structures in fabricated metal in construction and energy industries will drive the need for repair and maintenance. 

The machine shop sector is estimated to generate about $41 billion in annual revenue while about 17,500 businesses operate in the industry. Metal plating and treating industry generates about $30 billion in annual revenue. Growth is driven by the automotive industry as North America is the largest market for chrome plating.