How Top Digital Marketing Methods Yield Holiday Sales Jackpot

BY Denise Gibson
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Yes, your client really should be preparing for the holiday shopping season now. 10% of consumers do most, if not all, holiday shopping before Halloween, and another 25% do so before Thanksgiving. It’s time to get the digital marketing methods your client plans to use this year in order.

How Top Digital Marketing Methods Yield Holiday Sales Jackpot

Why Prioritize Digital Ads This Holiday Shopping Season?

Learning from the past is a tactic that benefits basically every aspect of life. Marketing is no exception. Since holiday sales in 2023 were driven by digital and mobile campaigns, it’s safe to assume 2024 will be similar.

Mobile/​Social Media

According to data from Adobe, U.S. consumers spent over $222.1 billion at online retail sites between November and December alone. $113.5 billion (51.1%) of those sales were placed by consumers using their mobile devices. So, be sure that no matter which digital marketing methods your client chooses, they’re set up for both mobile and desktop.

Speaking of mobile, one of the main activities consumers use their phones for is getting on social media. Obviously social media ads are a huge portion of marketing strategies for the holiday season. But your client probably isn’t advertising on the most effective platforms.


Adobe says that the social platform that inspired the biggest increases in traffic to retail sites in 2023 was TikTok. In comparison, Facebook’s share fell by 4% and Instagram’s decreased by 8%.

Before you say TikTok isn’t worth your client’s time because its members are all kids with no spending power, stop. Sure, the platform’s users skew lower in age, but every age group is represented. Plus, 41% of active TikTok users have average annual household incomes of over $100,000.

So, check out these TikTok video creation tips and get started on this year’s holiday ads.

According to a report by tinuiti, Google PPC advertiser spending grew by 17% during last year’s holiday season. And with good reason. Sales per click increased by around 90% between November 16 and December 1 of 2023.

So, it’s imperative to get your client’s Google search ads up and running in time for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.


No surprise here, email ads are the preferred holiday ad type among 55% of consumers, says optimove. But your client can’t add just any email ads to their digital marketing methods and call it a day. To increase their likelihood of being opened, your client’s email ads should:

  • Include specialized offers each recipient is interested in: 37% of consumers agree
  • Spotlight special offers or discount in general: 23%
  • Be sent starting in August (the month with the least holiday email fatigue)
  • Not overwhelm consumers' inboxes. The fewer, the better

Crafting relevant, well-​timed email ads key to getting the right products and deals to consumers ready to take action.


What’s one of the biggest and most popular holiday traditions there is? Watching holiday movies. That’s why OTT TV ads need to be a part of your client’s holiday digital marketing methods.

According to a previous SalesFuel blog, based on data from LG Ad Solutions, holiday OTT ads reach a ton of people. “97% of consumers watching holiday TV during the holidays are doing so with friends and family.” So, your client’s ads are getting more bang for their buck.

Plus, 39% of consumers say streaming TV ads help inform their holiday purchases more than other ad types. Consumers enjoy seeing ads on free, ad-​supported streaming platforms, especially. And 53% of consumers remember holiday shopping ads they see on streaming TV.

Which digital ads should your client focus on for the upcoming 2024 holiday shopping season? Check out their target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel to start choosing their top digital marketing methods.

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