Manage Smarter 22 — Jon Zellner: Managing in Large Organizations

BY Audrey Strong
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Jon Zellner is Executive Vice President of Programming Operations for iHeartMedia, overseeing national programming, sales integration, operations, and communication to 860 radio stations in 158 markets serving 271 million monthly listeners. As a Regional EVP of Programming, Jon oversaw programming for markets of all sizes in every region.

Over the past 30 years, Jon has worked with over 100 markets across the country where he has specialized in ratings and revenue growth through brand development, strategic and financial planning, and the coaching and mentoring of talent. Jon's experience includes programming, operations, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and product start-​ups and turnarounds from his senior management positions at iHeartMedia, Sirius XM, and CBS Radio.

Before joining iHeartMedia, Jon was SVP of Programming for Sirius XM overseeing 100+ channels and helping grow the subscriber base from 1 million to more than 20 million people.


In this episode, Audrey, Lee, and Jon discuss:

  • How to deal with a large number of workers
  • The difference between marketing to small and large areas
  • How to know what is going on within a large company
  • The 80/​20 rule in revenue


Key Takeaways:

  • Find a manager that will motivate your team
  • Manage with love and trust, and not with fear and doubt
  • Talking face to face in your company is important to do in a technological based world
  • No matter how big or small a company is, make sure your employees know that they matter


"[In radio,] if you are in a big market, sound small, and if you are in a small market, sound big."  Jon Zellner


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