Special Report: Managers as Coaches in High Performing Organizations

BY Kathy Crosett
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The latest insights on boosting employee and organizational performance

Managers as Coaches ATD Research sponsored by SalesFuel

Most organizations expect their managers to coach direct reports, with 75 percent expecting it of all managers and 15 percent expecting it of only some managers. Expecting all managers to coach had a significant connection to being a high performing organization.

Although coaching and performance management share many required skills, the two differ in who drives the conversation and the objective of the conversation.

This report provides new findings from the Association of Talent Development sponsored by SalesFuel. 

This special report identifies many strategies and practices with statistically significant relationships to organizational effectiveness. It also discusses these strategies and practices with subject matter experts — who shared their insights as to why these practices work and how to implement them. By following these recommendations, organizations can increase their likelihood of being high performers and getting the most of their coaching efforts.

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